Stefano Poillucci, The Founder Of SONO Record Label Shares The Story Of Inception

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Forward-thinking record label and a collective of musicians and artists, SONO is rumored to be the perfect spot for promoting one’s music and connecting with fellow musicians as well as fans and organizations. All this is thanks to Stefano Poillucci, the founder and CEO of SONO Music Ltd. 

An industry insider from the age of eighteen, Stefano started as a backliner in big events for an audio service company. He continued on to work in live events production, organizing concerts in companies like Live Nation, Billboard Italy and others. Between one concert and another he founded a local pub with two friends, where he organized four festivals and hundreds of small gigs in the suburbs of Rome, managing the artistic direction, marketing, branding, and promotion of both the pub and the events. 

The gigs soon turned into a company with the singular purpose of bringing people in the music sphere together, whether a musician, an advocate, a fan, or a promoter. Stefano managed to obtain the trust of over forty artists from all over the world. SONO has its sight set on perfection and growth through a collective effort which is precisely why it is bound to be successful.

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