Hazeline Taffe Shares A Brand-New Album Titled The Holy Awakening

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Canada’s native Hazeline Taffe announces a ten-tracker album called The Holy Awakening. The collection features some great new songs in the gospel, spiritual, and inspirational music genres. A talented and strong woman, Hazeline Taffe shares her innermost thoughts with the world, leading people closer to God and giving fans hope for a better day. The highlight of the album is “Jesus You Are”, a truly upbeat worship song that showcases the artist’s talent in full.

Canadian singer-songwriter of Jamaica descent Hazeline Taffe is a talented artist whose music reflects her quest for unity. Spiritual, inspiring and uplifting, Taffe has become a master at sonically blending gospel with R&B, often adding other genres into her final mix. Her mission is to inspire others and touch the hearts of all those who seek good vibes, peaceful coexistence between mankind, and last but not least, LOVE. Her single “Humanitarian Change” has had a huge impact in this endeavor with thousands of streams. 

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