Premiere | ZAM Official Exceeds All Expectations And Drops A Debut Album Fun Girl Vol. 1: Back To Miami

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ZAM Official drops a debut mixtape titled Fun Girl Vol. 1: Back To Miami, a seven-tracker full of gorgeous r&b, pop, and hip hop gems created by Goldi, Mika, and Rasti. The overall tone of the entire collection is positive and empowering but it does a great job of showcasing the girls’ individuality in each separate song. Stylistically flawless, the mixtape represents everything ZAM stands for – sincerity, women’s empowerment, authenticity, and perhaps even flirtiness. 

As a strong open, “Shots” is more on the soul/r&b side, although it still carries ZAM’s typical infectious spirit as the girls sing “You know I call the shots”. “Easy” is another stand out track that is composed beautifully and immediately sinks into the listener’s heart. The vocals are especially stunning in “Different” where there is a perfect balance between rapping and melodic singing. 

ZAM is a creative trio based in Florida, three exceptional, intelligent, and determined ladies that came together to create unforgettable music. After the spectacular success of their singles “Diamonds” and “Selfish” with tens of thousands of views, ZAM is all the more committed to their art as a way of life. They signed their first independent record deal in 2021, getting the attention of big names like Trina, Travis Payne, Bump J, Cheeze Beatz, Foreign Teck and more. Fun Girl Vol. 1: Back To Miami is yet another huge step toward greatness for ZAM.

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