Frank Ocean’s “Lost” Is Making a Comeback on TikTok

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TikTok is famous for bringing back “old but gold” sort of music. The latest of these is American singer-songwriter Frank Ocean’s 2012 fourth single from his debut album “Channel Orange” – yes, we’re talking about “Lost.”

The sound is being used to accompany a short little dance routine that people on TikTok are performing. Take a look below:

@blakegray saw @flydaddynick ♬ original sound – Aaron Hampshire

@noahbeck ahhh what a city🇮🇹 ily milan @larrayeeee ♬ original sound – Aaron Hampshire

The song was a hit when it was released almost a decade ago. It was even covered by big artists, including Khalid and remixed by Major Lazor.

Listen to the original full song: