Asbjørn Returns to the Scene With a Remix Version of “Human” Ft. Planningtorock

1 min read

Asbjørn’s returns to the music scene with a melodic and sun-soaked remix of “Human” featuring Planningtorock. The project has an accompanying well-executed 5:34 minute long music video filled with edgy cinematic cuts. Nonetheless, the mix between the organic instrumentation and the artist’s vocals creates a hypnotic feel.

The remix version turned out to be a crowd-pleaser, as many fans stormed the artist with positive comments such as: “OMG so beautiful mv and voice,” and “That’s pure art, folks!.”

Without a doubt, Asbjørn is an expressive artist who, with every piece, brings a breath of fresh air into the music world. 

“Human” is yet another remarkable addition to Asbjørn’s impressive music catalog. If you want to check out his previous works, make sure to visit his Spotify account.