Vincent Poag Transcends Genre In A Vibrant New Album Masquerade

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The perfect round up of the year – Masquerade is Vincent Poag’s latest album full of reflection, profound thought and hopefulness. The New York native artist distilled all of his ingenuity and creative power into the twelve songs included in the album. A festival of diverse soundscapes and stunning melodies, each song of the album is executed in a different style, boasting the versatility of the renowned artist. 

Masquerade opens with “Barcelona”, a heartwarming romance placed in the settings of the beautiful Catalonian city. Vincent Poag describes a gorgeous lady with dark curls who shows him around the town, the architecture, cuisine and more. All the while the emotional guitar joined by the fiery castanets tug at the listener’s heart strings, making them wish for similar experience.

“In The Jungle” is like a playful warning that beautifully incorporates exceptional brass instrumentation and lures the listener closer with fascinating metaphors. Vincent Poag’s audience is already familiar with “America”, a several million-view song that speaks on what America has always symbolized — “land of opportunity, home for the brave, home of the free”. 

Vincent Poag manages to delight with every song, no matter how grim the circumstances, his music will surely uplift any soul. The album ends with “How Lucky Am I”, where a joyously simple musical arrangement meets sincere appreciation of an ordinary life. The artist reminds us all to feel grateful for the things we usually take for granted. 

Masquerade is a celebration of life in all of its glory and austerity. There is love, hope, history, danger, and everything in between and each song is like a friendly chat with a good old friend. Vincent Poag is a rare talent who sings his truth in a unique, beautiful way that appeals to many. His album only adds more fuel to the fire and fans cannot wait to hear what else he has in stock. 

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