Premiere: BriGuel’s New Single “Looking For Answers” Is A Spine-Chilling Sonic Oneness

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New York City-based artist couple BriGuel are back on track with the release of a new single titled “Looking For Answers.” With a title well symbolizing BriGuel’s approach to music, as their constant search for meaning and truth is clearly one of the core reasons for so many fans to follow their works, BriGuel are once more claiming a prime spot in the industry. 

Producing a mysterious spine-chilling feeling of oneness, “Looking For Answer” comes packed with a groovy beat, almost instantly triggering a desire for dancing, and melodically brings forth a beautiful latin-inspired progression. 

The song’s rich sonics, the mellow yet penetrating vocals by Brianne Berkson supported by subtle electronic accents throughout the track are yet another reflection of BriGuel’s inspiring kind of music. Miguel Gluckstern brings the perfect contrast to Brianne’s vocals with his incredibly well-mastered conscious rap. 

The artist-couple are the masterminds behind a song that pulls us out of our comfort zones and numbness, challenging us to think and rethink some of the existential questions that we have sometimes buried deep within, out of fear or laziness.  

After “Red Ropes”, “Life Is A Lesson”,  “Without Darkness”, “Who Do You Wanna Be,” the EP 2020 Vision, TBD and Baby’s Phoney Friend, the couple in life and art is back with a powerful drop. 

This new bilingual song adds substance and depth to BriGuel’s already impressive discography, while the artists continue their rise in the music world, far from superficiality and distractions. 

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