Blackpink’s Lisa Is Making Waves With “Money”

1 min read

Lalisa Manobal, famously known by her stage name Lisa, is topping the charts with the release of her latest single – “Money.” This time around though, she’s dominating the charts solo instead of sharing the spot with her fellow “Blackpink” band members.

As of the time of this writing, the video which is titled as an exclusive performance as opposed to the typical music video has now surpassed 76 million views on YouTube. Note that it has been dropped a little over a week ago only!

The clip features Lisa herself nailing a super cool choreography alongside her backup dancers mostly taking place in an outdoor evening setting. 

Not only this, but the catchy tune already made its way into the highly popular social media platform TikTok and is accompanied by a fun little dance too. 

You can watch the special performance of “Money” down below: