Royal Salute Debuts Couture Collection with Richard Quinn

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Royal Salute has always gone hand-in-hand with creativity and design. The masters of Scotch whisky not only create some of the most coveted blends but have one of the nicest decanters in the business. That close relationship has been further amplified with the debut of its new Couture Collection. Highlighting the harmony between whisky blending and fashion, the first edition of the Royal Salute Couture Collection celebrates a rising star of British design, Richard Quinn.

The Royal Salute 21 Year Old Richard Quinn Edition is presented in a beautiful flagon inspired by the designer’s trademark contemporary floral patterns. The flagons will be available in opposing black and white colorways, both strictly limited to catch the eye of whisky and fashion aficionados. The Couture Collection, which was first unveiled at London Fashion Week, will become an annual release.

Inside the decanter, Royal Salute called on master blender Sandy Hyslop to create a unique blend that embodied Quinn’s floral works. Hyslop hand-selected over 31 rare single malts and grain whiskies, all matured for at least 21 years, resulting in a Scotch with a strong fragrant character. Although Royal Salute blends are closely guarded, its strong floral notes suggest the blend may contain whiskies from the Speyside region of Scotland.

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Ricahrd Quinn Royal Salute

Richard Quinn is best known for his contemporary floral designs / ©Royal Salute

On the whisky, Hyslop said: “The new Couture Collection pays tribute to one of the most creative and dynamic industries out there, and this new blend embodies that same energy and innovation. Each rare single malt and grain whisky we used to craft this expression is of utmost quality. It’s been a meticulous process that requires constant care and attention from start to finish, but the result is a captivating taste that perfectly captures the inspiration. The first expression from the Royal Salute Couture Collection is a sensorial experience not to be missed.”

Quinn said: “Being able to spark creatively with Royal Salute has been an amazing experience. Witnessing craftsmanship and innovation within different expertise has always fascinated me, so exploring the world of expertly blended and high-aged whisky for the first time was such a powerful source of inspiration.

“The collaboration has been a real creative process and I’m thrilled that the expression that resulted from this great partnership encapsulates both of our passions in a truly modern way. I love the thought that my designs for Royal Salute will be collected and treasured for years to come by whisky and fashion lovers around the world.”

Tasting Notes from Royal Salute

Nose: Rich and fruity overlaid with notes of red apples and peaches, combined with creamy crème brulée, hazelnut chocolate, zest of orange and distinct floral notes.

Palate: Rich and sweet with indulgent apricot and mango notes, followed by vanilla, chocolate and ginger spice. 

Finish: Rich and long, with enduring floral sweetness

The Royal Salute Couture Collection 21 Year Old Richard Quinn Edition will be available from September 2021 worldwide at an RPP of $250.