Dr. Fauci’s Replies to Nicki Minaj’s Theory of the correlation between COVID-19 Vaccine and Reproduction

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The globally known rapper, Nicki Minaj, has recently claimed that there is a correlation between the COVID19 vaccine and impotency. Minaj supported the theory by bringing her friend’s example who is experiencing reproduction issues right after getting the vaccine. The American physician, Dr. Fauci, rushed to debunk Nicki’s theory. He additionally explained that there are no links between the two factors.

Minaj took to social media to share her claim, where she has over 180 million followers. She mentioned that she doesn’t feel safe getting vaccinated as she hasn’t done enough research. She also highlighted the importance of wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

Lastly, Nicki asked for recommendations from her fans on which vaccine is the best. She further elaborated that she will eventually get vaccinated for work and travel purposes.