C贸digo 1530 Releases Its Oldest Tequila Yet

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Award-winning tequila brand C贸digo 1530 has recently upped the ante with the release of its oldest and most premium expression yet: the 13-year-aged A帽ejo Tequila.

With only 350 bottles of this highly exclusive, all-natural tequila available, it is already set to be one of the most coveted spirits on the market. As with all C贸digo 1530 tequilas, the 13-year A帽ejo is produced with the utmost respect for traditional tequila making customs, using a time-honored private recipe known only by a select few.

Produced in C贸digo鈥檚 dedicated distillery in Amatit谩n, Jalisco, the latest release is made using only locally sourced and fully ripe agave plants and rock-filtered water and, as is standard across the entire C贸digo range, without the use of colorings, flavorings or additives. The result is a tequila that is completely unique while remaining decidedly authentic.

Unlike the majority of tequilas which are typically aged in ex-American bourbon barrels, C贸digo 1530 favors Napa Valley French Oak Cabernet wine barrels for both its aged core offerings and specialty releases. While the 13-year-aged A帽ejo Tequila also completes its initial aging in the same wine barrels, it spends the final six months of its aging process in French Cognac barrels for a particularly distinguished taste.

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C贸digo aged tequila in bottle

The 13-year A帽ejo is an impressively rich and complex tequila / 漏C贸digo 1530

鈥淲e decided to produce a 13-year because our Extra A帽ejo just keeps getting better and better over time 鈥 so we鈥檝e kept some resting longer than typically done, out of curiosity,鈥 says C贸digo 1530 co-founder Ron Snyder. 鈥淥ur agave-rich tequila continues to maintain its balanced flavor over time, and our Cabernet wine barrels are made with such dense grained French Oak that it gently ages within our naturally climatized cask cellar. We are very pleased with the result.鈥

The result of the prolonged aging period of the 13-year A帽ejo is an impressively rich and complex tequila that starts with notes of sweet vanilla, leading into a touch of cocoa and cinnamon on the finish. Its complexity makes it best served neat or on the rocks, no frills or fancy garnish necessary.

The bottle is presented in a custom wooden box crafted by local artisans using sustainably sourced wood. Finished with a laser etching reflecting the story behind this unique expression, the 13-year-aged A帽ejo Tequila鈥檚 casing is as thoughtfully created as the spirit itself.

C贸digo 1530 13-year-aged A帽ejo Tequila is available exclusively at Reserve Bar and codigo1530.comfrom $3,300.

codigo 13 yr tequila wooden box