Is SMS the Secret Sauce to Effective Marketing?

1 min read

As football season kicks off and orders for tailgate parties and Monday Night Football start to happen, what are you doing to connect with your customers? SMS is great to text deals and announcements directly to your customers’ phones. They say pizza and football go together like turkey and Thanksgiving, right? Well, maybe not. But an SMS/MMS program allows you to immediately reach your customers—football fans or not. 

An estimated 96% of Americans own a cellphone, and all cellphones can receive text messages. Research shows that 98% of text messages are read, and 90% of texts are read within only three minutes! You can be confident that your text club subscribers are your customers, and they see your messages.

With an SMS service, consumers don’t need to download an app to receive your text message. Your subscribers have opted in because they like your products and value the content you text them. 

SMS is extremely effective because of its excellent engagement rates, and it works hand in hand with your other marketing efforts. Use SMS to send a reminder a few hours before kickoff or when you have a surplus of product to move. Include a Facebook post link in an SMS and drive traffic to engage with your post—perhaps “comment for a chance to win a gift card” or “watch a live video.” Increasing your Facebook post engagement boosts your organic reach.  

Not only is SMS a fun and creative marketing tool, it is cost-effective. AGE SMS rates will likely beat other SMS providers, and we do not up-charge for more opt-in methods or keywords. Our platform allows up to 240 characters per SMS message compared to 160 characters for most other providers. Your texts should be catchy yet short and sweet. However, at times, a few extra sentences give you room to include a link or other important details.  

When you use SMS in your marketing mix, your messages accomplish better reach, targeting, and return on investment.  AGE Media’s SMS/MMS platform will help you “sell more pizza!” The AGE SMS text message marketing platform is easy to manage, and users have the capability to schedule messages, send a photo or an animated GIF, shorten URLs using our built-in Bitly tool, see click-through reports, and more. 

Now is the time to start growing your text club! If you are already using SMS—great! Show us your last statement, and we will do everything we can to beat your current provider’s rate! We can service a stand-alone pizzeria or a 100+ location chain. Contact us today! To learn more, text PIZZA1 to 72727.