For Mixing Dough or Grating Cheese, Precision Mixers Knows Dependability is Key

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One ingredient for your dough recipe that is often overlooked is the dough machine it’s mixed in! At Precision Mixers, we know that having a dependable machine is vital to your daily restaurant operation. Whether you need to mix dough or grate cheese, the mixer is a vital tool to your daily operations. With our Precision HD-60 80qt pizza mixer, we offer an industry-busting seven-year warranty on all gears and shafts in the planetary and transmission, which includes the complete drive-train from the motor to the attachment shaft where the hook is, and a three-year parts warranty on the motor itself. We want to give owners and operators the relief of not having to worry about the machine breaking down, and if it ever did, knowing that parts would be either covered, available in common electrical or automotive supply stores, or always in stock at our warehouse. But, if you find that the HD-60 is a little too big for your needs, we also offer the Precision HUB-50 pizza mixer as well. All the might of the HD-60 in a smaller machine fit for you. We have a dough machine for all your needs, ranging from 10qt-140qt Planetary mixers, as well as a line of Spiral mixers and dough rounders.

Precision North America is devoted to providing top quality mixers at affordable prices. We are proud to manufacture mixers that look great, work hard, and provide years of uninterrupted service. We stand firmly behind our products, offering the industry’s leading warranties, easy access to parts, and service companies that are staffed with trained technicians to help keep your business working seamlessly. We understand that the purchase of a mixer is a substantial decision for your business and that you have a choice of mixers. Let us show you why Precision mixers are the most sensible, hardworking, and economical choice. 

Please contact us with any questions you may have! All of us at Precision North America welcome you and want to help you with your mixing needs.

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