Get Ready for a Boom in Pizza-by-the-Slice Sales

1 min read

By Greg Getzinger, PortionPadL

Are you feeling it yet? Coronavirus illnesses and hospitalization rates are steadily dropping. Mask mandates and restrictions are being lifted. Stadiums and arenas are going to 100% capacity. Festivals and in-person concerts are starting up again. Numerous media outlets are reporting that this summer will be a record travel period for vacationers. Class participation in schools will be at 100% this fall. After over a year of near-isolation, the world is starting to reopen. There is excitement in the air!

As families plan for summer vacations and communities open up for local entertainment, industries that sell pizza-by-the-slice need to start planning now for record-breaking summer and fall slice sales. Last year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the hospitality and entertainment industries were severely affected. This summer and fall may be just the opposite for these industries with record sales.

If you operate a seaside slice shop or sell pizza-by-the-slice at the concession stands in stadiums, arenas and festivals, be prepared. If you sell pizza to schools for their school lunch programs and/or to sports concession stands, or if you are the school’s head nutritionist, fall is just a few months away. Now is the right time to assess your kitchen equipment for streamlined efficiencies. User-friendly equipment will increase consistencies, improve profits and reduce employee stress.

Portion PadL also offers options for rectangular pizza and cheese bread portions.

There is one tool that will improve kitchen efficiencies, provide greater consistencies and increase pizza-by-the-slice profits. This product is the patented Portion PadL. The Portion PadL is a simple-to-use and highly efficient pizza cutting board and portioning guide for cutting pizzas into equal slices. It is custom-made for each client’s pizza size and slice applications. The Portion PadL is made for round, square and rectangular pizzas. Made from a durable NSF-approved composition material, the Portion PadL is proudly 100% made in the USA.

Pizza-by-the-slice sales and profits rely on selling every slice. The Portion PadL ensures that every slice is a profit center!

From all of us who make the Portion PadL, we wish all industries that sell pizza-by-the-slice record-breaking summer and fall seasons! More information, go to or call Greg Getzinger directly at 330-608-5928.