The Absolute Best Wines to Drink with Thai Food

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Thai food is often paired with sweet white wines like Riesling—but those only serve to dampen the robust textures and spices, something that we rebel against at Night + Market. Our approach to pairing is twofold: The wines must be refreshing and also must amplify the flavors of the dishes.

Bottles of wine
Credit: Aubrie Pick

A Pineau d’Aunis

Paired with: Pastrami Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodles)

A Thai meal will typically include a range of flavors and intensity levels, and you hop back and forth between dishes. This approach is mirrored with a wine that does not get lost against the bold food. Pineau d'Aunis from the Loire Valley is typically a fairly light red, but in our opinion, this surprisingly robust bottle makes complete sense with salty, peppery deli meat!

2019 Clos Du Tue-Boeuf Pineau D'aunis, Loire Valley, France

A Pét-Nat

Paired with: Spicy Cashew- Lemongrass Snack Mix

Moussamoussettes, a pétillant naturel from the Loire Valley, is like the true north of wines at Night + Market. It's the epitome of perfection when paired with fried, boldly seasoned foods. The bubbles in pét-nats are usually a bit more delicate than in other sparkling wines. Like most pét-nats, this one also has a little fruity sweetness—just the right amount.

2019 Agnès Et René Mosse Moussamoussettes, Loire Valley, France

A Chenin Blanc

Paired with: Nam Khao Tod (Crispy Rice Salad)

Chenin Blanc is what we suggest when guests ask, "What should I drink?" and it's rarely the wrong answer! Chenin can assume many guises, in terms of minerality and aromas, sweetness versus dryness, and body. This bottle from a Spanish natural wine producer reminds us of unfiltered nectarine juice and Belgian sour beer, and it pairs incredibly well with our beloved crispy rice.

2019 Escoda-Sanahuja Els Bassots, Catalonia, Spain

An Older Napa Cab

Paired with: Prakas' Rib Eye

Generally speaking, older is better with Napa Cabernet. They're fairly robust wines, and I feel the tannins need time in order to mellow out and develop complexity. In the same ways an aged Napa Cab is multilayered, so, too, is Prakas' Rib Eye. The wine and the flavors of the food evolve and dance together.

1977 Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, California

A Skin-Contact White

Paired with: Shrimp Toast

Skin-contact white wine tends to have a savory, salty note about it. We like to pair these with foods of similar characteristics to enhance those qualities in each. The Shrimp Toast has a combination of minerality and richness that calls for a wine that will only elevate those qualities. Matassa's lively, aromatic blend of Muscat and Viognier does just that.

2018 Matassa Cuvée Marguerite, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

A Gamay

Paired with: Grilled Chicken Wings With Jaew

The pairing of chilled Gamay with grilled meats is one of the original ideas Night + Market was based on. This bottle has notes of lovely Morello cherries and red currants.

2018 Noëlla Morantin Mon Cher, Loire Valley, France

A Rosé

Paired with: Thai-Style Shrimp Cocktail

Rosés can bridge the transition from white to red. However, since we don't abide by traditional pairings at Night + Market, we encourage guests to sip on this savory Pineau d'Aunis rosé while enjoying our shrimp cocktail appetizer. With notes of delicate rose petals, this bottle finishes with a distinctive, salty minerality and is a nice partner to seafood dishes.

2018 Laurent Saillard La Valse, Loire Valley, France

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