Camylio Drops New EP: “In the Light and Shadows”

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Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Camylio has released his highly anticipated new EP, “In the Light and Shadows”, through Mercury Records. This seven-track collection showcases the 22-year-old artist’s versatile vocal talent and includes his hit single “Trouble” alongside the new focus track “Angel”, which has already been generating significant buzz online, amassing millions of views even before its official release. The EP’s release is accompanied by a cinematic music video for “Angel,” directed by John Martinez, which vividly captures the project’s overarching theme of light and darkness.

Discussing the inspiration behind “Angel”, Camylio explains, “I wrote ‘Angel’ about that moment when you see your person all dressed up, coming down the stairs to go out. When time stops, there’s an electricity in the air, and you can’t find the words to describe how beautiful they look, that’s when I imagine ‘Angel’ playing in the background.” This track, like the rest of the EP, reflects Camylio’s ability to translate deeply personal and relatable moments into music that resonates widely with his audience.

“In the Light and Shadows” marks a significant step in Camylio’s artistic journey, blending alternative pop production with folk-inspired storytelling. The EP balances lush, intricate arrangements with heartfelt lyrics, demonstrating his growth and maturity as a musician. Camylio elaborates on this creative evolution, saying, “This project feels like a homecoming creatively. My entire musical upbringing was listening to a weird combination of artists like The Weeknd and Hozier, but also Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes. Truly a combination of light and dark. To get to make the music I’ve always wanted to make and have the reaction from my fans be so positive has been really inspiring, and I can’t wait to feel that interaction live.”

The thematic dichotomy of light and darkness is woven throughout the EP, exploring the complexities of love and attraction. Camylio’s lyrics explore the gentle and beautiful aspects of love, as well as its darker, more passionate sides. He reflects, “Love is gentle and beautiful, but it can also be exhilarating, dark, and passionate. This project to me represents the light and dark sides of attraction and love.” This duality is evident in tracks like “Trouble,” where his rich, emotive vocals are paired with moody, atmospheric production, and in “Angel,” where his storytelling prowess shines through.

Camylio’s multi-instrumental talents and production skills are on full display in “In the Light and Shadows.” Each track is meticulously created, showcasing his ability to blend various musical influences into a cohesive sound. The EP’s production features a mix of modern pop elements and organic instrumentation, creating a sound that is both contemporary and timeless.

As Camylio continues to grow as an artist, his connection with his fans remains a driving force behind his music. The positive response to his latest work underscores the authenticity and relatability that he brings to his art. With “In the Light and Shadows,” Camylio not only solidifies his place in the music industry but also sets the stage for future creative endeavors.

“In the Light and Shadows” is a testament to Camylio’s talent and artistic vision. It is an EP that captures the core of his musical journey, highlighting his ability to navigate the emotional complexity of love and attraction with nuance and depth. Fans and new listeners alike will find much to appreciate in this compelling and beautifully crafted collection.