Rising Artists

Discovering Tomorrow’s Music Makers

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Discovering new artists brings a rush like no other—artists who become the soundtrack to our highs, lows, and everything in between. This lineup features a mix of established names gearing up for their best work yet, artists taking last year’s favorite albums on tour, and up-and-comers shaping future trends. They span genres from ambient to hardcore to Afropop, each offering a fresh perspective on music.

Who they are: A Brooklyn rapper blending James Baldwin’s lyricism with NYC underground vibes.
Why they’re exciting: AKAI effortlessly bends words, crafting intricate flows that elevate philosophies into poetic narratives. With recent releases like “Spirit Roaming” on Backwoodz Studioz and an upcoming solo project, he’s pushing boundaries in New York’s rap scene.

Ayra Starr
Who they are: Afropop’s rising star, known for her debut album “19 & Dangerous.”
Why they’re exciting: Beyond her years, Ayra‘s vocals and songwriting rival veterans’. From energetic pop hits to poignant ballads, she weaves wisdom and Gen-Z flair into every track, even drawing in Kelly Rowland for remixes without missing a beat.

Who they are: Newark’s drill-inspired rapper mixing club beats with lyrical prowess.
Why they’re exciting: While club rap focuses on dance, Bandmanrill brings back the art of lyricism. With upcoming projects including collabs and a debut album, he’s set to make waves with his unique blend of music styles.

Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul
Who they are: Belgian duo blending electropop with social commentary and humor.
Why they’re exciting: Their debut album “Topical Dancer” merges infectious beats with witty observations on society, creating a vibrant musical experience that feels both fresh and familiar.

Who they are: A rising star in Memphis rap, known for hard-hitting tracks like “F.N.F. (Let’s Go).”
Why they’re exciting: Glorilla brings a bold twist to Memphis rap, unapologetically confronting issues while delivering anthems that resonate far beyond the music scene.