Star Dax

Dax Aims to Become the ‘Drake of Poetry’ and Help Men Feel ‘Heard’

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Last month, Star Dax dropped his latest single, “A Real Man,” continuing his exploration of deep social issues that many artists haven’t tackled. In this track, Dax discusses the traditional male roles as the breadwinner and protector in relationships, challenging the expectation that this reflects all men’s reality.

Dax shared his thoughts with PEOPLE, explaining, “My aim is for men to feel understood when they listen to this song. And it’s great because women are listening too. I’m hoping it builds their understanding of what men experience—not seeking pity, just understanding.” The track has quickly become his second-most streamed song following his 2023 hit “Dear Alcohol,” which won Top Selling Canadian Single of the Year.

The journey into music for Dax began at age 22 after a poetry class ignited his passion for lyrics. Despite his current success, he initially shied away from rap, feeling disconnected from what he saw in the industry. Instead, he honed his skills by working on beats from legends like Tupac Shakur, Eminem, and JAY-Z, constantly writing and refining his craft.

“I had a dream of becoming the Drake of poetry,” Dax reveals. “Rap wasn’t my first choice because it didn’t resonate with my upbringing or what I saw happening in the industry.”

Dax’s unique sound blends elements from country, hip hop, and beyond, driven more by the individual message of each song than by any specific musical genre. “I follow what feels right,” he says. “For instance, ‘Dear Alcohol’ had a country vibe, but that was simply me expressing my own struggles with alcohol at the time.”

As Dax continues his tour with Lucas Joyner this month, he is excited about the future. He admits, “I’m not sure what I’m aiming to win with my music, but I believe these songs are well-crafted and deserve recognition. My main focus is on making a positive impact, one listener at a time.”