Jordan Armstrong

Jordan Armstrong Drops New Hit Single, “High Note”

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Jordan Armstrong has just released her latest single, “High Note“, under Zodhiac Records. This track marks a significant milestone in the young artist’s career, symbolizing a new era in her musical journey. “High Note” is a vibrant anthem that celebrates the joy found in life’s simple pleasures without getting bogged down by overthinking. It’s about consciously choosing happiness and taking the high road in every situation.

Following her battles with epilepsy, Jordan has developed a unique perspective on life, focusing on the “High Notes” – the small, joyful moments that make life worth living. This track embodies this outlook, reminding listeners that life can be light and joyful if we allow it to be.

“‘High Note’ is all about embracing the good in life and letting go of the rest. This is a lesson I’ve had to learn repeatedly over the past few years. If you let life’s challenges weigh you down, they will,” Jordan explains. While the song might initially seem to describe a brief romantic encounter, its deeper message is about allowing oneself to embrace positivity and take what is needed from life. Co-written with Brianna Nelson and Stacey Kelleher, “High Note” is a song created by women, for women, and arrives just in time to add a spark to your summer.

Jordan blends her musical influences seamlessly in “High Note.” Her music is a modern twist on the Laurel Canyon, country rock sound of the 60s and 70s, infused with elements of 90s pop and Y2K. Her unique tone and sincere songwriting make her a standout artist in today’s music scene.

Originally from the South Shore of Massachusetts and now based in Nashville, Jordan has been singing since she was a child. As a graduate of Berklee College of Music’s esteemed Songwriting Program, she has studied the nuances of pop music and honed her craft. Her songwriting is both authentic and insightful, reflecting her personal journey of self-discovery.

Jordan’s approach to music is marked by its honesty and openness. She is not afraid to blend genres, keeping her creative process free of boundaries. Her introspective lyrics, combined with her distinct voice and musical talent, set her apart as an artist on the rise.

High Note” is more than just a track; it’s a reflection of Jordan’s resilience and her ability to find joy amidst challenges. Her knack for turning personal struggles into uplifting music is what makes her special. As she continues to establish herself in the music industry, her genuine voice and heartfelt lyrics are sure to connect with a wide audience.

Jordan Armstrong is a rising star to watch. With her unique sound, impactful songwriting, and the release of “High Note,” she is poised to make a significant mark in the music world. Listen to “High Note” and let it elevate your summer, reminding you to focus on the positive and cherish the light moments in life.