beccs Debuts "f 0 0 d" and Announces Bold New

Unveiling Vulnerability: beccs Debuts “f 0 0 d” and Announces Bold New EP, stay moist

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Indie pop artist beccs embarks on a powerful odyssey with the release of her new single, “f 0 0 d,” the lead track from her upcoming EP, stay moist, arriving June 28th.

“f 0 0 d” is a deeply personal offering, a poignant exploration of grief, hope, and the complexities of letting go. With beccs’ characteristic cool alternative soundscape, the song tackles the often-stigmatized topic of disordered eating. Written during a later stage of recovery, “f 0 0 d” reflects on the lingering echoes of the past, a yearning to see the world with fresh eyes, unclouded by past struggles.

The track itself is a captivating soundscape, a swirling current of emotions. Lush synths and sampled vocals weave a hypnotic tapestry, punctuated by surprising harmonic twists and turns. Intimate and organic at its core, the music guides listeners on a journey of processing and release, like a gentle current carrying them towards a place of healing. Drawing inspiration from artists like Okay Kaya, Portishead, and Tirzah, “f 0 0 d” stands out on stay moist as the sole track entirely self-produced by beccs.

“Finding my voice as a producer was a process,” shares beccs. “There are still relatively few women and non-binary role models in this space, so it took time to embrace my limitations and trust my own intuition. But ‘f 0 0 d’ became a turning point. The more I trusted myself, the more I could trust others in the creative process. Producing the track allowed me to collaborate with incredible artists, and letting go of the reins during the visual creation was a truly freeing experience – it mirrored the emotional release the song itself embodies.”

The accompanying music video for “f 0 0 d” is a visceral collage, a visual exploration of the song’s themes. Directed by chester. in collaboration with DP Lauren Guiteras and Editor Dorian Tocker, the video intertwines scenes of intimacy and vastness, with evocative camerawork that conjures a powerful sense of solitude and introspection. Ultimately, the video offers a note of hope, encouraging viewers to embrace vulnerability and navigate the challenges of letting go.

stay moist itself is a vibrant tapestry of sound, a collection of songs spanning back to 2018, each revisited and re-recorded to reflect beccs’ personal and musical growth. The EP promises to be a bold and edgy offering, an explosion of maximalist pop production, show-stopping vocals, and undeniably catchy melodies. The title itself, stay moist, emerged during the pandemic as a coping mechanism for beccs. Tears became a source of connection and resilience, a reminder to embrace vulnerability and authenticity throughout the healing journey.

Each track on the EP delves into the complexities of human experience, confronting difficult emotions and experiences with honesty and raw vulnerability. By confronting pain and trauma head-on, beccs offers a message of growth and transformation, encouraging listeners to “stay moist” – to remain true to themselves and embrace the messy yet beautiful journey of healing. Songs like “Good Comin'” and “Rage In My Veins” showcase beccs’ songwriting prowess, taking experiences often shrouded in shame and transforming them into universally relatable anthems that linger long after the final note fades.