Rock Your Soul: Our Picks Of The Week from Spotify’s MARROW Playlist

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In a world where music genres come and go, rock music stands as a testament to resilience and timelessness. As Spotify’s MARROW playlist boldly proclaims, “rock never dies,” and these top 10 tracks serve as undeniable proof. From electrifying riffs to anthemic choruses, each song on this list embodies the spirit of rock and showcases its enduring power. Join us as we count down the tracks that reaffirm the timeless appeal of rock music and celebrate its undeniable presence in today’s musical landscape.

1. Dead Poet Society – “My Condition”

Dead Poet Society‘s latest single, “My Condition,” from their new album FISSION, holds a special place among their repertoire. According to Underkofler, the song delves into the existential notion that nothing ultimately matters, leading to a philosophy of pursuing personal fulfillment and embracing one’s desires.

2. Wisemary – “Jesse James”

The latest release from St. Louis’s rock band, WISEMARY, is making waves in the music scene. Titled “Jesse James,” this fiery single marks a departure from their classic rock cover days, showcasing a sound uniquely their own. Lead singer Zach Rehagen sets the tone with scorching vocals, embodying a fierce protagonist who refuses to be held back by convention. Backed by a rhythm section that’s both gritty and danceable, WISEMARY delivers a potent blend of raw energy and bluesy swagger. With “Jesse James,” the band proves that they’re ready to carve their own path in the rock scene and make a lasting impact.

3. bby – “hotline”

Bby is a dynamic indie band whose debut single “hotline” is taking the music scene by storm. Formed from an online connection turned real-life friendship, bby’s eclectic blend of sounds creates vibrant, genre-defying tracks that capture the essence of the moment. With pulsating beats and catchy lyrics, “hotline” invites listeners into the thrill of endless nights.

4. Scowl – “Psychic Dance Routine”

Introducing Scowl‘s newest single, “Psychic Dance Routine,” departs from its hardcore roots. It embraces a more melodic indie-rock sound, evident in the creeping, crunchy tune that defines this track. Frontwoman Kat Moss shares her perspective on the songwriting process, highlighting themes of self-perception and femininity in a world that often overlooks female artists.

5. Microwave – “Bored of Being Sad”

Microwave‘s “Bored of Being Sad,” offers a glimpse into their forthcoming album, Let’s Start Degeneracy, set to release on April 26th via Pure Noise Records. Departing from their hardcore roots, Microwave explores a more melodic indie-rock sound, reflecting on the challenges of being an artist in an unforgiving industry. The track is a poignant reflection on the romanticization of sadness and the pursuit of self-acceptance. Don’t miss out on this captivating release, and be sure to catch Microwave on their upcoming U.S. headlining tour this spring.

6. Krooked Kings – “Sick of Being Young”

Krooked Kings, an alternative indie band hailing from Utah, dropped their latest track “Sick of Being Young.” It captures the bittersweet essence of nostalgia and the melancholy of growing up, underscored by introspective lyrics and emotive instrumentals. With its relatable themes and infectious melodies, this track solidifies Krooked Kings’ position as a band worth keeping an eye on.

7. Quarters of Change – “Tightrope”

Tightrope” by New York City’s rock resurgence, Quarters of Change encapsulates a poignant journey of introspection and acceptance. With haunting lyrics and emotive instrumentals, the song navigates themes of uncertainty and resilience in the face of adversity. As the protagonist grapples with the complexities of relationships and personal growth, the raw emotion conveyed through the vocals and intricate guitar work resonates deeply with listeners. “Tightrope” serves as a testament to the band’s ability to craft immersive musical experiences that linger long after the final notes fade away.

8. Dehd – “Mood Ring”

Dehd, the Chicago-based band, is making waves once again with their latest single “Mood Ring” from their new album Poetry . Seamlessly blending the carefree spirit of California surf music with the raw energy of Memphis garage rock, all infused with the band’s roots in Chicago punk, “Mood Ring” captures the essence of Dehd’s eclectic sound. Interestingly, most of the tracks on Poetry were crafted either at Taos, New Mexico’s Earthship or in a cabin situated on Washington’s Puget Sound, adding a unique geographical influence to the album’s creation process.

9. The Story So Far – “Letterman”

The Bay Area pop-punk band The Story So Far has made a triumphant return with their latest single “Letterman,” off their forthcoming album I Want To Disappear.  The track finds the band doing what they do best – unapologetic vulnerability and defiance that draws the listener in. Alongside the album announcement, The Story So Far has unveiled an extensive tour schedule, taking them across various cities in North America throughout the summer.

10. Infinity Song – “Slow Burn”

Infinity Song, the New York soft rock sensation, captivates the audience with their “Slow Burn.” With harmonious vocals and a contemporary sound that echoes the spirit of legendary acts like The Mamas and The Papas, the sibling quartet delivers a hypnotic track that showcases their musical synergy and tempered style. Accompanied by a multi-track bundle featuring alternate versions of the song, including an instrumental and Israel’s rendition, “Slow Burn” sets the stage for Infinity Song’s upcoming UK/European Tour, promising fans an unforgettable live experience.