From Beauty Clinic to Eurovision: Nebulossa’s Unexpected Rise

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The air crackles with anticipation as the 68th Eurovision Song Contest approaches. This year, Spain throws a curveball, sending electro-pop duo Nebulossa to Malmö, Sweden.

Comprised of singer María “Mery” Bas (55) and keyboardist/producer Mark Dasousa (47), Nebulossa isn’t your typical Eurovision hopeful. Their sound – a vibrant blend of electro-pop with an 80s twist – has garnered a loyal following. Their debut album, Poliédrica De Mí (featuring tracks like “Anoche,” “Glam,” and “Armada Roja”), propelled them across Spanish stages.

Though their musical journey began in 2018, their personal connection stretches back two decades. They’ve built a family with two children and ventured into other ventures. Mery runs a successful beauty clinic, while Mark’s production company, Atomic Studio, is a fixture in the Valencian alternative scene.

Nebulossa’s meteoric rise began with their victory at Benidorm Fest 2024. Their entry, “Zorra,” captivated audiences, though the title stirred controversy. (“Zorra” translates to “slut” in Spanish slang.) María Eizaguirre, RTVE’s communication director, assured compliance with Eurovision regulations and EBU approval.

“Zorra” itself is a runaway success, boasting over 10 million Spotify streams in just three months. “The song resonates,” says Mery. “The controversy is a blip. We haven’t let it affect us.”

Mark elaborates, “It’s Mery’s story, an emotion she needed to express. People connected with it.”

This authenticity extends to their Eurovision campaign. “We’re enjoying the ride,” Mery says. “Our age is part of the song’s message – defying ageism. We take things differently.”

Capitalizing on “Zorra’s” success, Nebulossa teamed up with Mexican pop icon Gloria Trevi for a remix. Recorded in Miami, it premiered at Trevi’s electrifying Radio City Music Hall show in New York.

“It was surreal,” Mark recalls. “Mery said, ‘I got Gloria Trevi to record tomorrow!’ We scrambled for a studio, and Gloria was amazing. Everything just clicked.”

This momentum continues as Nebulossa embarks on a pre-Eurovision tour, hitting London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Rome. They’re eager for the international response, but first, they’ll grace Madrid and Barcelona. “This tour is a dream for any emerging artist,” Mark reflects.

Win or lose, Nebulossa is already victorious. “We’ve won hearts,” Mery says. “The song itself is a winner.” Mark echoes, “We’ll give it our all, for the fans and everyone who believes in us. We’re happy. A good placing would be fantastic, but nothing can dim our journey.”

With a burgeoning fanbase and an upcoming EP, Virturrosismo, Nebulossa is poised to enthrall audiences with their unique brand of electro-pop. But for now, their sights are set on conquering Eurovision 2024 in Malmö.