KRANKk, A-F-R-O, and Selah Sue Collaborate on “Day by Day” for a Sonic Adventure

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The fusion of talents in KRANKk, featuring Aram Abgaryan on keys, Thomas Geysen on drums, and Willem Heylen on guitar and electronics, brings forth a distinctive blend of DnB-inspired sounds. With their latest release, “Day by Day,” the trio showcases their prowess in weaving together intricate rhythms and captivating melodies.

Drawing from their collective experiences and influences, KRANKk infuses “Day by Day” with dynamic breakbeats, pulsating basslines, and evocative synths. Each element in the track serves a purpose, contributing to a sonic landscape that invites listeners on a journey through rhythm and melody.

Joining forces with renowned artists A-F-R-O and Selah Sue, KRANKk elevates “Day by Day” to new heights. A-F-R-O’s razor-sharp lyricism adds a layer of depth and intensity to the track, while Selah Sue’s soulful vocals infuse it with warmth and emotion.

“Day by Day” is more than just a song; it’s a sonic adventure that unfolds with each passing moment. From the infectious energy of the opening beats to the soul-stirring crescendo of the chorus, the track keeps listeners engaged from start to finish.

With its seamless blend of electronic and organic elements, “Day by Day” is a testament to KRANKk’s innovative approach to music production. The trio’s ability to push the boundaries of the DnB genre while staying true to its roots is commendable, and it’s evident that they are at the forefront of sonic experimentation.

As “Day by Day” makes its way onto the airwaves, it promises to captivate audiences with its infectious energy and irresistible groove. With KRANKk, A-F-R-O, and Selah Sue at the helm, this collaboration is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners, inviting them to embark on a musical journey that unfolds “Day by Day.”