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A Candid Conversation with Lavi on “Got Me High” and More

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Step into the enchanting realm of indie-pop, where authenticity takes center stage, and meet the luminous artist, Lavi with her latest release, “Got Me High.”

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind “Got Me High” and how it reflects your personal journey as an artists

“Got Me High” is one of those songs that makes me feel like a free bird, much like the cover art, where I’m sharing a truth that I normally would harbor inside. It has also pushed artistic boundaries that I didn’t know I had. It’s nerve-racking but also liberating to reach this level of honesty with yourself and have the courage to share that with the world. As my own personal journey unfolds, I hope that I can continue to share more of my heart and soul through my music with my listeners.

lavi got me high

Your cross-cultural background infuses your music with a unique blend of styles. How does your Romanian-Canadian heritage influence your sound, particularly in “Got Me High”?

I love speaking another language; my Eastern European heritage plays a massive role in who I am as a whole and definitely influences my art. ‘Got Me High’ is a testament to that influence in many ways.

“Got Me High” explores the complexities of relationships, from euphoric highs to crushing lows. What emotions were you channeling while writing this track, and how do you hope listeners will connect with it?

Honestly, writing these lyrics made me feel like a true rebel. It was a raw expression of a deep-seated and painful truth, carrying significant emotional weight. I sensed a kind of ‘entering your villain era’ energy with this release, for sure. I hope that listeners can connect with being genuine with themselves amidst their struggles and fearlessly embrace honesty about their feelings, regardless of what others may say.

Collaborating closely with producers like NAWMS, you’ve crafted a distinct sound that resonates with audiences. How did the collaboration process contribute to the creation of “Got Me High”?

Working with NAWMS is phenomenal; he’s a multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, and there’s always massive creative energy in our sessions together. He produced the full track of “Got Me High,” and I vividly remember hearing back the first demo, particularly that distinct whistle sound that I fell in love with. We aimed to bring something fresh with a lot of movement, and I believe we definitely achieved that.

Your lyrics often juxtapose sad themes with upbeat instrumentation, creating a compelling contrast. How do you strike a balance between vulnerability and optimism in your songwriting, especially in tracks like “Got Me High”?

I believe the contrast can be heightened through the selection of instruments, and collaborating with my producer, NAWMS, allowed us to create a stark contrast between the sad themes and upbeat optimism.

“Got Me High” showcases your raw talent and emotional depth. Can you walk us through your creative process when bringing this track to life, from writing the lyrics to recording the final version?

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating “Got Me High.” I still have the original voice memos from when I first wrote it, and I love comparing the initial idea phase to the final track. The line “you hit me up high when I’m at my best and you tear me down at my worst” just came to me, and I vividly remember singing it repeatedly until I could build out the verses. During the production phase, we decided to open with the chorus, which was unexpected but felt just right. With such a strong lyric, we aimed to create a memorable first impression.

I contributed initial ideas for the production, especially regarding the bass line, and then NAWMS added some genuine creativity to the track, expanding it further. In the studio, we aimed for a crisp vocal line and decided not to go too wild on the harmonies, although we did keep some layers in the final mix, elevating the track further. Joachim did an outstanding job on the mix.

As an indie-pop luminary, you’re known for pushing boundaries and innovating within the genre. How does “Got Me High” represent your evolution as an artist, both musically and lyrically?

It’s an intriguing feeling when developing your sound and pushing yourself to try new things. I had no clue how exciting it is to push boundaries and come up with fresh sounds. I naturally incorporate a jazz-style influence in my vocals, especially in some of my new releases. With that edge and flow, one might imagine the overall sound or production would lean towards something more grungy and dark, akin to Jessie Murph. However, to my surprise, there was an upbeat element that I found interesting to explore, hence the contrast. This led to a sound with a touch of Kimbra-esque or Dua Lipa influence.

Your debut single, “Overrated,” garnered attention for its visually rich music video and raw storytelling. How does the narrative of “Got Me High” differ from your previous releases, and what themes do you continue to explore?

There are striking parallels between both “Overrated” and “Got Me High.” “Overrated” delves into the experience of feeling trapped in a one-sided relationship while wearing rose-colored glasses. It explores how insecurities can fester in such a toxic dynamic, leading to a diminished sense of self-worth. The song captures the initial realization of being in a one-sided relationship and discovering one’s true self-worth.

“Got Me High” echoes similar themes, especially with the lyric “I feel like I’m in a track now, I feel like I’m numb now, I feel like you love me then you don’t.” It serves as a stronger, more concrete realization of this truth, expressing a bolder willingness to tell it. The two songs share a common thread in exploring the complexities of relationships and the journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

You’ve mentioned that your music is fueled by unfiltered honesty and raw emotion. How do you navigate the vulnerability of sharing your personal experiences through your lyrics, particularly in tracks like “Got Me High”?

I navigate it by jumping into the deep end and hoping for the best, trusting that others can relate. My aim is for it to propel continual healing in my life and bring about breakthroughs. Heartbreak is tricky because people may downplay your feelings, yet here I am, sharing it anyway, regardless of others’ opinions.

Looking ahead, you’re working on a track titled “Stick Around” with an undiscovered artist. How does this upcoming collaboration reflect your artistic vision, and what can fans expect from your future releases after “Got Me High”?

“Stick Around” gives me that “I can’t believe I just made that song” kind of feeling. It stands out as one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written, featuring a whole lot of sass and a really catchy hook. I’m genuinely excited for its release.

As we conclude our conversation with Lavi, it’s evident that her passion for storytelling and musical innovation will continue to shape her journey in the indie-pop scene.

Listen to “Got Me High” here.