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Relate. Drops Raw New Single “Sludge” Ahead of Spring Tour

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Denver’s dynamic pop-punk outfit, Relate., kicks off 2024 with the release of their latest single, “Sludge,” a raw and introspective track that delves into the personal struggles of frontman Duncan Slack amidst the band’s rising success. The song, which serves as the second single from their upcoming EP Attachment, follows the release of their well-received 2023 album Chemical Condition.

“Sludge” offers listeners a glimpse into Slack’s internal turmoil as he grapples with the pressures of newfound fame while battling his own demons. Lyrically poignant, the track sheds light on Slack’s feelings of isolation and disconnection from those around him, despite the band’s outward success. Musically, “Sludge” captures the band’s signature sound, with drummer Diego Valenzuela’s gritty instrumentation serving as the perfect backdrop for Slack’s emotive vocals.

Reflecting on the songwriting process, Slack shares, “As the band became more busy, my life didn’t feel any more complete; it was actually kind of the opposite. It definitely felt like some of my closest friends were putting me on a pedestal as a ‘success’ when in reality, I was miserable and spending almost all of my time depressed and alone writing songs.” This candid exploration of personal struggles adds depth and authenticity to Relate.’s music, resonating with fans on a profound level.

Valenzuela adds, “It’s named Sludge because it sounds like Sludge,” offering insight into the gritty, visceral nature of the track’s sonic landscape.

In conjunction with the single release, Relate. has also announced a spring 2024 tour alongside California pop-punk act Calmgrove and Phoenix-based band Troubled Minds. The tour promises to bring Relate.’s electrifying live energy to audiences across the country, showcasing their raw talent and infectious stage presence.

As Relate. continues to carve their path in the pop-punk scene, “Sludge” serves as a powerful testament to their evolution as artists and storytellers. With its candid lyricism and gritty instrumentation, the track sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting chapter in the band’s musical journey.