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Ekoh Unleashes Dynamic New Single “MAYDAY”

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Rising artist Ekoh kicks off the new year with an electrifying new single, “MAYDAY,” signaling an exciting trajectory for the burgeoning talent. Following the success of his breakout hit, “Hole In Your Head,” released in November 2023, and the soulful “Hurt Myself,” which closed out December, Ekoh continues to gain momentum with his latest offering. Dive into the raw and introspective track below.

“‘MAYDAY’ delves into the struggle of opening up to those closest to you,” Ekoh reveals. “It explores my personal journey of avoiding vulnerability until reaching a breaking point where speaking up becomes an urgent necessity. It’s a cry for help when everything seems to be falling apart, hence the ‘MAYDAY!'”

In conjunction with the release of “MAYDAY,” Ekoh graced the stage at The Roxy in Denver for a special and immersive performance, in collaboration with the esteemed lifestyle and sneaker brand, Vans. If you’re not yet acquainted with Ekoh, now’s the time to take notice. With his unique blend of rap and rock, Ekoh is carving out a distinct space in the music scene, poised for stratospheric success. Get acquainted with Ekoh now because his trajectory is set for the stars.