Rachel Platten

Rachel Platten Unveils Raw Emotion in New Single “Mercy”

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Rachel Platten, the Emmy Award-winning multi-platinum artist, returns with a poignant new single, “Mercy”, offering a glimpse into the depths of her personal struggles and the cathartic power of music. The track, released today, emerges as a surprising blend of joy and raw emotion, featuring trumpets, guitars, and a Motown-inspired call and response.

Written during the darkest moments of her battle with mental health, Platten shares, “I wrote ‘Mercy’ alone in my studio in the middle of the night… It came all at once, so fast that I had to try to catch the words as they spilled out of me.” The song captures her visceral cry for relief, a soulful outpouring that unexpectedly takes on an almost triumphant musical quality.

Recorded in Nashville, “Mercy” is a collaborative effort with co-producers Jason Evigan and Gian Stone, known for their work with Maroon 5, Selena Gomez, and Rüfüs du Sol. Platten recalls the exhilarating experience of recording with a dream team of musicians, including Aaron Sterling on drums and the band behind Kacey Musgraves’ acclaimed Golden Hour. The result is a track that seamlessly weaves together joyful melodies and poignant lyrics.

Platten, celebrated for her breakout anthem “Fight Song,” has evolved into a multifaceted artist deeply involved in the creative process. Her journey since the global success of “Fight Song” has been marked by a commitment to authenticity and introspection. The upcoming album, set to release later this year on her own Violet Records, promises a continuation of this artistic exploration.

“Mercy” and another track, “Girls,” are early glimpses into Platten’s forthcoming album. With her distinctive voice and hands-on approach to songwriting and production, Rachel Platten continues to carve a unique space for herself in the music industry. The emotional resonance of “Mercy” hints at an album that will undoubtedly showcase the depth and complexity of Platten’s artistry.