Jordan Mackampa Unveils Empowering "BLACCJACK THE MAC"

Jordan Mackampa Unveils Empowering Single “BLACCJACK THE MAC” Ahead of Album Release

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Jordan Mackampa welcomes 2024 with a burst of energy in the form of his latest single, BLACCJACK THE MAC, a vibrant preview from his upcoming album Welcome Home, Kid! slated for release on February 16th via AWAL. The track, a euphoric blend of funk, disco, and self-love, encapsulates a moment of prime inspiration in Jordan’s life, enhanced by the creative prowess of the Grammy Award-winning duo, The Orphanage (Kehlani, Lizzo).

This self-love anthem exudes boldness in every aspect, from the robust vocals to the triumphant horns, with Jordan unabashedly celebrating the joy of being comfortable in his own skin. The collaboration with The Orphanage adds an extra layer of richness to the sonic tapestry, making “BLACCJACK THE MAC” a standout addition to Jordan’s repertoire.

The single follows a series of diverse releases, including the confessional ballad “MARY,” the old-school R&B-inspired “I’VE FOUND MY HOME IN YOU,” and the introspective “PROUD OF YOU,” all of which find a home in his upcoming album Welcome Home, Kid!. This collection sees Jordan revisiting his roots in R&B, soul, funk, and gospel, drawing influences from the likes of Dru Hill and Blackstreet. The album is a testament to his evolution, weaving together the nostalgia of his early soundcloud works with a mature and daring exploration of his Blackness, queerness, and sexual expression.

Welcome Home, Kid! is more than a musical journey; it’s a narrative of self-worth, showcasing Jordan’s openness about various aspects of the Black experience. From discussions about sex, intimacy, and imposter syndrome to reflections on healthy love, toxic heartbreak, friendships, and forgiveness, the album delves into the complexities of life with sincerity and honesty.

As Jordan gears up for the album release, fans can anticipate a captivating live experience. In April, he will grace stages across the U.S. and Canada, offering audiences the chance to witness the magic of Welcome Home, Kid! live for the first time. Secure your tickets for a spellbinding performance that promises to be a memorable celebration of Jordan Mackampa’s artistic prowess and storytelling.