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Kelly Monrow on Embracing Love and Resilience in “Lead with Love”: An In-Depth Conversation

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Kelly Monrow, an artist renowned for blending powerful narratives with captivating melodies, sits down with us to discuss her latest single, “Lead with Love.” In this conversation, Monrow unveils the creative force and personal stories shaping her music, particularly in this soul-stirring new release.

Lead with Love” is a poignant track that resonates with today’s global situation. What was the specific inspiration behind writing this song, and how do you hope it impacts your listeners?

My little brother was graduating from college, and I wanted to write a song to remind him over the years of what to return to when he starts to feel adult human feelings like loneliness, shame, fear, doubt, etc. I sat on this song for a couple of years because I was waiting for the right time to release it.

Your music often focuses on themes of empowerment and resilience. How does “Lead with Love” align with these themes, and what personal experiences influenced its creation?

Lead with Love is the ultimate message. I am all about empowerment and resilience, but there is no greater strength than returning to love. It always wins. I have done a lot of things in life, been hurt, hurt others… and I just chose to always lead with love now because the more free we are and the more we practice forgiveness for others and ourselves, the more joy we can experience. The return to love always ends in joy.

Transitioning from acting to music is a significant change. How have your experiences in film and television influenced your approach to songwriting and performing?

I absolutely love making videos for every song I do. Acting and singing go hand in hand and always will for me. Sometimes I write a song, envisioning what the scene would be in a movie or a book, and then I bring it to life. My mind is so full of imagination that I will walk past a couple talking and write a song in my head based on the scene in my mind. I then create a picture from my own life experiences, hopefully something others can relate to. Love seems to be the universal real language.

Lead with Love” carries a message of peace and understanding. How do you balance delivering such powerful messages while maintaining the musicality of the song?

It takes care of itself. I don’t worry about that part.

Your journey has taken you from Austin to the broader music scene. How have your Texan background and the diverse music culture of Austin influenced your sound, especially in songs like “Lead with Love”?

Being from Texas is something I am really proud of. Some of the best musicians in the world have come from Austin or at least passed through. Growing up in Texas just stays in your bones and has allowed me a lot of wisdom that I wouldn’t have otherwise. A southern woman leaving and traveling the world to find herself sure gives you a lot of material to write about. And I am just getting started, God willing

With a career that spans acting and music, how do you merge these different creative expressions, and do they influence each other?

They will always influence each other. Being creative means being it all, in all channels, being a vessel, a storyteller, etc. However you can, tell the story. Your story. To anyone else who has a story. We all love stories, and getting lost in a story is what makes me want to make them.

You have collaborated with various artists, like Kevin Griffin and Young Buck. How do these collaborations shape your musical direction, particularly in your latest releases?

I want to work with anyone and everyone I possibly can. There are so many talented people out there and I just keep asking the Universe to bring me in alignment with as many artists as I can to reach my highest potential. I learn so much from everyone I have worked with. What a gift.

In “Lead with Love,” you encourage rising above adversity with compassion. Can you share a moment in your career where this philosophy personally guided you?

 In my career so far, I would say it’s the self-love to keep going, to rise above the NO’s and tell yourself YES because it’s in your heart and something that you want to pursue. There are shitty people everywhere, so it’s important to trust your intuition and make your own way in the world, but you can still be kind and lead with love. It will always get you where you need to be.

Your music, including “Lead with Love,” often reflects a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. How has your evolution as an artist been reflected in your songwriting process?

Yes, with every song, I heal an old wound, cry a last tear, or laugh about something I am happy to leave behind. Writing Songs is true therapy for me. It’s also a really great way to manifest the future 🙂

Finally, “Lead with Love” is a call to action in challenging times. What do you hope your listeners take away from this song, and how does it represent your vision as an artist moving forward?

When you get the chance to make a different choice than the one you were making that left you feeling sad, ashamed, guilty, fear ridden, depressed… I hope you choose to make an act of love for yourself and for others. It will require courage and strength, but that’s really the way I think we will end up changing the world. One heart and mind at a time, starting with ourselves.

Thank you, Kelly, for sharing these profound insights and the journey behind “Lead with Love.” Your dedication to spreading a message of love and strength through your music is truly inspiring.