Alex Sampson

Alex Sampson’s Debut EP “Blurry Vision” Unveils Emotional Journey

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Canadian singer, songwriter, and vocal powerhouse Alex Sampson has officially marked his debut with the highly anticipated EP, Blurry Vision, released today via Warner Records. This emotionally charged collection opens with the confessional track “The Girl Who Cried Love,” where Sampson navigates the aftermath of a broken romance, expressing, “I’m never gonna trust again… It’s all because of the girl who cried love.” The song unfolds with a gentle acoustic guitar, showcasing Sampson’s powerful vocal performance.

Following the impactful opener, “Lemonade” takes the EP in a different direction with electric guitar and a fast-paced groove. The track builds up to a sweet and saccharine refrain, adding a dynamic twist to the emotional narrative. The heartfelt ballad “Play Pretend” follows, allowing Sampson to lean into his hypnotic high register as he reflects, “It’s hard to watch you fall again, ‘cause now I gotta play pretend.”

Blurry Vision not only introduces Sampson’s undeniable vocal prowess but also features previously released tracks “WANT YOU!” and “BLIND,” showcasing his versatility and range as a creative force.

Growing up in a small town in Canada, Sampson found solace and connection through music, and this EP serves as a testament to his journey. Starting with covers on TikTok, he gained traction and connected with audiences through his first original single, “Stay Here.” Following this success, Sampson released impactful tracks like “All That We Could Have Been” and “Play Pretend,” all leading up to the debut EP, Blurry Vision, and the latest single, “BLIND.”

With over 76 million streams to date, 2024 is poised to be a breakout year for Alex Sampson. His debut EP stands as a marker of his emotional depth and musical prowess, setting the stage for an unforgettable chapter in his rising career.