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Mumford & Sons and Pharrell Unveil Collaborative Single “Good People”

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Grammy-winning artists Mumford & Sons and Pharrell have just dropped their highly-anticipated collaborative single, Good People,” marking the British band’s first release in five years. Released via Gentlemen of The Road/Glassnote Records, the track showcases the result of a decade-long friendship between Mumford & Sons and Pharrell, which began during their shared experiences touring festivals.

The collaboration took shape last summer when Mumford & Sons, headlining global festival shows, reconnected with Pharrell at his “SOMETHING IN THE WATER” festival in Virginia Beach. Inspired by their mutual admiration and respect, the artists joined forces in New York and later in Paris to write and record new music. With Pharrell taking on the role of producer, the joy, hope, and energy in the room culminated in the creation of the vibrant track, “Good People.”

The single’s spark has generated considerable excitement, prompting Mumford & Sons to kick off 2024 with its release. The track holds additional significance, as Pharrell personally requested to feature “Good People” in his Louis Vuitton Men’s Autumn/Winter runway show at Paris Fashion Week on January 16. In a special short live set, Mumford & Sons will perform the track for the first time, making a memorable appearance at the prestigious event.

In addition to his production contributions, Pharrell lends his backing vocals to “Good People.” The collaborative spirit extends further with the inclusion of the Native Vocalists, a dynamic 6-piece vocal choir from the USA and Canada, representing their respective Native American Tribes within the Northern Great Plains. The Native Vocalists not only feature on the track but will also join Mumford & Sons and Pharrell for the live performance in Paris, enhancing the cultural and musical richness of this unique collaboration.

With Good People,” Mumford & Sons and Pharrell deliver a refreshing sound that blends their distinct styles, creating a track that is poised to resonate with fans and make a notable impact on the music scene in 2024.