Aldrch Unleashes Electrifying Singles “people are the enemy” & “fate” From Forthcoming EP

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New York City’s trailblazing producer aldrch has dropped two captivating tracks, “people are the enemy” and “fate,” as a prelude to his highly anticipated EP, would you like to go out?, set to release on February 9th. These latest creations are a fusion of electrifying energy and introspective lyricism, exploring themes of acceptance and the complexities of human connections.

Despite its vigorous tempo and striking synthesizers, “people are the enemy” was conceived in a moment of introspection for aldrch. “This track was born during a period of personal lows,” aldrch reveals. “It delves into the evolution and sometimes the dissolution of friendships, and the acceptance of such changes.” Meanwhile, “fate” weaves a narrative of self-awareness amidst its dynamic composition and emotive lo-fi vocals, examining themes of fading relationships and personal agency.

These fresh offerings follow the release of last month’s singles, “castle in the woods song” and “end of the night / stay.” These tracks marked aldrch’s first new music since his debut record, industry standard, released last September. The Luna Collective acclaimed industry standard for its exceptional quality, praising it as an exhilarating musical journey. Initially conceived as an extension to his debut album, would you like to go out? evolved into a standalone project, as aldrich describes, “a response to industry standard more than an extension of it.”

Drawing inspiration from the early 2000s DIY show scene and the Bloghouse movement, the upcoming EP nods to influential artists like Justice, MGMT, MSTRKRFT, Digitalism, LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk, and deadmau5. “The music and culture from that era have significantly influenced all of my new music,” aldrch reflects, hinting at a creative continuity and evolution from his last album to the new EP.

Aldrch, known offstage as Sam Richman, has established himself as an electrifying presence in the NYC sleaze scene and beyond at just 23 years old. His collaborative ventures with artists like Curtis Waters, poptropicaslutz!, Sophie Powers, Chloe Lilac have not only gained him recognition among his contemporaries but also caught the attention of digital streaming platforms. With key editorial backing from Spotify on playlists like The New Alt, Today’s Indie Rock, Indie Pop, New Noise, and feedBack, aldrch continues to rise as a formidable multi-talented indie force.