Kevin Abstract 's Queer Love Ballad "What Should I Do?"

Kevin Abstract’s Queer Love Ballad “What Should I Do?” Previews New Album “Bleach”

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Since the disbandment of the acclaimed hip-hop collective Brockhampton, Kevin Abstract has been making waves as a solo artist, gearing up for the release of his highly anticipated new album, Bleach. Following the recent release of a visually intriguing album trailer, a short film titled Gum, Abstract delights his fans with a new song titled “What Should I Do?

In “What Should I Do?,” Kevin Abstract effortlessly blends rapped verses with soulful singing over a breezy guitar instrumental. The song’s lyrics encapsulate the emotions and sentiments of a blossoming queer love. With poignant verses like, “I’m floatin’ through space, in the darkness I see your face between / You and me, my friend, my partner, my spot in the shade / We’ll drive around this town, pretending like we got it made / Then let’s stay up all night, long ’til tomorrow turns to today,” Abstract beautifully conveys the complexities of this unique connection. He further muses on the universal experience of pining for someone with the question, “What should I do to get my mind off of you?

Accompanying the release of “What Should I Do?” is another visually captivating short film titled Slip N Slide. The short film features a young boy embarking on an adventure down a vibrant rainbow slip-n-slide, leading him through various landscapes, including a city and a forest. The journey culminates in a somber, empty room, leaving viewers with a sense of introspection.

Kevin Abstract’s musical and visual artistry continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences. As he unveils this new chapter in his career with “What Should I Do?” and the thought-provoking Slip N Slide, fans can expect Bleach to be a journey of self-discovery and an exploration of queer love.

Stay tuned for Bleach, which is set to release on November 3, 2023, via RCA. For more information, visit Kevin Abstract’s official website.