Grace Weber Releases New Album Paperflower

Grace Weber Releases New Album Paperflower

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Emerging R&B singer and songwriter Grace Weber has unveiled her sophomore album, titled Paperflower. This 11-track album includes previously shared songs such as Lonely,” “Intimate,” and Do4Me.”

Weber describes Paperflower as an album that represents her time living in Los Angeles over the past four years and the love she has experienced with her husband, friends, and the community of musicians she has worked with. She expresses excitement about how the album reflects her identity as an artist and an R&B singer-songwriter.

The album opens with the heartfelt track “Fallin‘,” inspired by her husband, whom she first met when they were both 13. In “XTC,” a flirty groove, Weber questions a potential lover’s intentions, playfully asserting her readiness to explore a connection.

One of the album’s sultrier moments comes in the form of “Permission,” featuring Secily and Jean Deaux. Produced by Baker Aaron, the track offers an intimate and seductive vibe, with lyrics suggesting a desire for consent and intimacy.

Awake” is an acoustic-driven song in which Weber expresses gratitude to her partner for providing comfort during challenging times, emphasizing the idea that everything will be okay.

“Paperflower” serves as the follow-up to Weber’s 2021 debut album, A Beautiful Space, which featured collaborations with Chance the Rapper, Westside Boogie, Sun Scott, and Nico Segal.

You can listen to Grace Weber’s second album, Paperflower, here.