Brent Faiyaz Drops New Track "WY@" on His 28th Birthday

Brent Faiyaz Drops New Track “WY@” on His 28th Birthday

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Brent Faiyaz, the talented artist from Columbia, Maryland, celebrated his 28th birthday on September 19th with a special gift for his fans – a brand new song titled “WY@.” This fresh release comes courtesy of his recently established company, ISO Supremacy/UnitedMasters, and features production contributions from Freeze, Anthine Walters, Othello, Dpat, and Berg.

In “WY@” – an abbreviation for “where you at” – Faiyaz delves into the complexities of a toxic love affair that, despite its detrimental nature, holds an irresistible allure. The song narrates a tale of two people who acknowledge they’re not good for each other but find themselves drawn together by an unbreakable sexual connection.

In the second verse, Faiyaz croons, “I can feel them walls closing / I can feel it all / I’m stuck in your claws / Try to run but I don’t get far I’ma put some blame on me / Tryna take accountability / But you take on my ability / You’re the death of me and a remedy.

Brent Faiyaz WY@ single cover
Brent Faiyaz’s “WY@” single cover. (ISO Supremacy)

“WY@” marks Faiyaz’s third release of the year, following “Moment Of Your Life” featuring Coco Jones and “Fell In Love” with Marshmello.

Earlier this week, Faiyaz achieved a significant milestone as his second album, Wasteland, was certified platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). This accolade recognizes the album’s outstanding performance, with over one million equivalent units sold since its release on July 8, 2022. It’s a notable achievement as it’s Faiyaz’s first project to receive a platinum award.

In May, Brent Faiyaz announced his partnership with UnitedMasters to launch ISO Supremacy, a new creative agency. Steve Stoute, CEO and founder of UnitedMasters, expressed excitement about this collaboration, highlighting Faiyaz’s artistic prowess and entrepreneurial ambitions.

Looking ahead, Faiyaz is set to kick off the U.K./European leg of his F*ck The World, It’s a Wasteland Tour next month. He’ll also take the stage at the 2023 ONE Musicfest in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 29.

Fans and music enthusiasts can stream Brent Faiyaz’s latest track, “WY@,” to enjoy his signature sound and lyrical depth.