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Tate McRae Unveils “Greedy” Single, Embracing a New Era of Confidence

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Canadian pop sensation Tate McRae is kicking off a brand new era in her music career. On the evening of September 15, she dropped her latest single, “Greedy,” where she taps into newfound confidence and celebrates her hard-fought sense of self-love.

In “Greedy,” McRae leaves no room for games or insecurity in her relationships, making it clear to her partner that she knows what she wants. In the catchy chorus, she sings, “I would want myself / Baby, please believe me / I’ll put you through hell / Just to know me / So sure of yourself / Baby, don’t get greedy / That sh*t won’t end well.”

The music video for “Greedy,” directed by Aerin Moreno, features McRae in an empty hockey arena, accompanied by talented dancers. Together with her dancers, McRae delivers impressive choreography by Sean Bankhead, showcasing her commitment to her upcoming musical endeavors.

In a statement, McRae expressed her excitement about the release of “Greedy” and the opportunity to share this new phase of her music with the world. She explained that the song is about having the confidence to know what you want, highlighting that this track reveals a feistier and more playful side of her. She described “Greedy” as unexpected and eagerly anticipated by her fans.

Tate McRae’s “Greedy” marks a significant moment in her artistic journey as she embraces her newfound confidence and self-assuredness. With this single, she invites her audience to join her on this exciting new chapter.

Watch the music video for “Greedy” here.