Lendryx Embraces Romantic Turmoil in His Latest Release "Forces"

Lendryx Embraces Romantic Turmoil in His Latest Release “Forces”

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Lendryx, an emerging singer and songwriter, has unveiled his latest song titled Forces,” offering listeners a glimpse into the complex emotions of romantic contentment and turmoil. Produced by his frequent collaborator Dionso, along with additional production from OSEI and Jproof (known for their work with artists like Usher, Ariana Grande, and Ty Dolla $ign), “Forces” takes the form of a slow jam that delves into the complexities of love.

In the track, Lendryx expresses his struggle to move on from a passionate yet toxic relationship. He finds himself torn between the desire to break free from the emotional entanglement and the allure of the intense connection he shares with his partner. He croons, “I don’t wanna be in love / But you’re so tempting / When you leave the room, it feels so empty / I’m trying to be tough / I’m fighting forces.

Lendryx reveals that he drew inspiration from the vocal stylings of Tyrese and the influence of Brandy while crafting the smooth and sensual nature of “Forces.” He aimed to create a lyrical and vocally dynamic performance that captures the emotional depth of the song.

This release follows Lendryx’s earlier track “Just My Turn,” which made its debut in April. The singer explained that “Just My Turn” was inspired by his experience serving in the military, blending his love for R&B with themes of love and loss that resonate with many men and women in service.

Lendryx’s musical journey has included the release of the song “Regret” and the EP Loyalty in 2022. With “Forces,” he continues to explore the intricate facets of love and relationships, presenting listeners with a compelling blend of emotion and musicality.

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in the complexities of love, you can listen to Lendryx’s latest single “Forces” and experience his poignant portrayal of the human heart’s struggles and desires.