TA Thomas Reflects on Love's Complexity in New Single "Pros and Cons"

TA Thomas Reflects on Love’s Complexity in New Single “Pros and Cons”

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Rising singer TA Thomas delves into the intricate emotions of love and relationships with his latest single “Pros and Cons.” The song, produced by Camper, captures the essence of uncertainty and introspection when it comes to salvaging a romantic connection.

In “Pros and Cons,” Thomas candidly contemplates the viability of a relationship, pondering whether it’s worth holding onto. His soulful vocals deliver lines that echo the struggle many face when navigating the complexities of love: “Maybe it’s best if we let it go / Baby, I know you heard that before / When it’s all said and done / Who falls in love just to fall apart / And end up with a broken heart?”

TA Thomas Pros and Cons single cover
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Reflecting on the creation of the song, Thomas shares his inspiration: “The day we made this record I remember walking in the studio with the notes on my phone open. I didn’t know what the song or beat would sound like but I knew the title would be “Pros and Cons.” I was thinking about past relationships and how we sometimes stay in situations past the expiration date.” He adds, “On the other hand, we think the grass is greener on the other side when it really isn’t. Oftentimes, we meet at these crossroads but ultimately doing what’s best for yourself is what’s BEST. Write down the pros and cons, make a decision, and move being confident in that!”

Pros and Cons” follows TA Thomas’ earlier tracks “W.I.A. (Where I’m At)” and “June 15th,” both of which were also produced by Camper. These songs collectively offer a glimpse into Thomas’ upcoming solo debut EP, a project that explores the vulnerability and varied experiences of love from a male perspective.

TA Thomas’ willingness to tackle the complexities of relationships with honesty and authenticity makes “Pros and Cons” a relatable and thought-provoking addition to his evolving discography.