Chappell Roan Unveils Energetic Anthem "Hot to Go!" with Captivating Video

Chappell Roan Unveils Energetic Anthem “Hot to Go!” with Captivating Video

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Chappell Roan, the artist known for her captivating tracks like “Naked In Manhattan” and “My Kink Is Karma,” is once again making waves with her latest single and video, “Hot To Go!” The vibrant song is a spirited anthem that exudes Roan’s signature vivacious energy and serves as a precursor to her upcoming debut LP, The Rise And Fall Of A Midwest Princess.

This enthusiastic track is a danceable chant that invites listeners to join in with the catchy refrain, “H-O-T-T-O-G-O / Snap n’ clap n’ and touch your toes,” set against the backdrop of buzzing synthesizers. The accompanying music video mirrors Roan’s energetic spirit as she dons an array of glittery outfits and delivers an entertaining performance that matches the song’s vibrant vibe.

Roan revealed her inspiration behind the song, stating, “I wrote this song so I could live out my cheerleader fantasy! I just wanted to make something simple and silly that I could do with the audience because I’m a huge fan of audience participation. Also, selfishly (and shamelessly) wanted to bounce around on stage singing a song about being hot.

Hot To Go!” is a testament to Roan’s ability to infuse her music with a combination of catchy melodies and contagious enthusiasm. It’s a glimpse into her upcoming album, The Rise And Fall Of A Midwest Princess, which is set to be released on September 22 via Amusement/Island Records. The LP promises to be a collection of 14 songs that delve into Roan’s journey of self-discovery and her unapologetic embrace of her queerness.

Be sure to watch the lively music video for “Hot To Go!” and stay tuned for the highly anticipated release of Chappell Roan’s debut album.