LOONY Makes a Triumphant Return with Soulful Song "Old Friends"

LOONY Makes a Triumphant Return with Soulful Song “Old Friends”

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LOONY, the burgeoning singer and songwriter, has made a captivating comeback with her latest offering, “Old Friends,” marking her first musical release of 2023.

Crafted with her unique touch, “Old Friends” is a soulful composition that delves into the contemplation of a past lover who appears distant despite her persistent efforts to reconnect. LOONY‘s lyrical prowess shines through as she weaves a narrative of emotions and memories.

The creation of this resonant track was a collaborative effort, with LOONY herself handling the songwriting. The production was helmed by a team of talented individuals including Akeel Henry, Dan Farber, and Aaron Paris.

In her own words, LOONY sheds light on the inspiration behind “Old Friends,” stating, “Sometimes, when it’s all over, you never talk to that person again. Other times, time passes, and you find yourself absent-mindedly smiling thinking of them or even reaching out to see how life’s treating them. But it’s not like it was before – it’s platonic now.” She beautifully encapsulates the complexity of emotions tied to such relationships and the evolution of intimacy.

LOONY elaborates further, sharing, “You’re able to just look at that person for who they are, for you know them quite well, and they know you.” She captures the essence of nostalgia and the transformation of pain into a mature friendship, where the past remains a cherished foundation.

The release of “Old Friends” arrives nearly a year after her previous single, “First Thing Smokin’,” which graced listeners’ ears in September 2022. The question of whether these tracks will find a place in an upcoming project remains unanswered, creating an air of anticipation.

Since her 2021 project, soft thing, LOONY has been recognized for her thought-provoking music. This eight-track collection, featuring singles like “either side” and “raw,” showcased her vulnerability, reflecting the introspective nature of her journey during a challenging year.

In “Old Friends,” LOONY’s return to the music scene is marked by her ability to capture the essence of intricate emotions through her soul-stirring voice and thoughtful lyrics. Her artistry continues to be a source of genuine connection for listeners.