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Tracing Giselle Niemand: From Times Square To “Lovers Do” And Upcoming Single

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Giselle Niemand ’s debut of “Lovers Do” created a massive buzz during its unveiling at New York Fashion Week. Seeing herself on Times Square billboards was a surreal realization of her dreams. In our conversation, the South African artist, encompassing roles as a singer, model, actress, and dancer, delves into her upcoming release “Later.” She unveils how this new piece not only sustains the momentum but also encourages individuals to follow their instincts, act on emotions, and grasp the present moment.

Balancing education, personal life, and her flourishing artistic career involves efficiency and prioritization. To manage pressures of the entertainment industry, Giselle relies on perseverance and reminding herself of her journey. The pivotal South African Championships of Performing Arts drove her growth, preparing her for global stages. Winning gold medals at the International Arts Talent Showcase also ignited her passion for music. 

Her songs aim to highlight love’s universal connection, shaped by Giselle’s upbringing and values. Signing with Upscale Productions in Hollywood marked a pivotal moment, collaborating with industry experts like Manny Mijares, who not only refined her talent but also nurtured her resilience for the demanding industry. Recording in Los Angeles has been exhilarating and fulfilling, embodying her happiness and creative expression.

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“Lovers Do” and its debut at New York Fashion Week garnered significant attention. How did you feel seeing yourself on Times Square billboards, and what can we expect from your upcoming release “Later”?

It was so amazing to see myself on New York Times Square Billboards. It felt so surreal to see myself up there, I always admired celebrities on the Billboards and seeing myself there felt unreal. My next song “Later” is a strategic follow-up to “Lovers Do” that inspires people to follow their instincts and act on their feelings, to listen to their heart, feel the adrenaline rush when with someone special, and seize the moment instead of saving it for later.

giselle niemand lovers do

It’s remarkable that you’ve achieved so much at such a young age. How do you manage to balance your artistic pursuits with your education and personal life? 

Thank you very much. It does get difficult sometimes to balance everything, but one thing I’ve learnt in life is to be fast, effective, and efficient. I dedicate time to my education, which is very important to me and spending time with my friends and family. The trick is to keep to the schedule and do what is most important first.

The entertainment industry can be demanding and overwhelming at times. How do you cope with the pressure and maintain your self-confidence and magnetic aura on and off the stage? 

The entertainment industry can get overwhelming and demanding but you just have to work hard and have perseverance and consistency. When I get overwhelmed and I feel insecure, I just remind myself of how far I have come and how hard I have worked to be where I am. And then motivate myself to continue to push forward.

Competitions have played a significant role in your personal growth. Could you tell us about a particular competition experience that challenged you and helped you grow as an artist? 

The best competition that helped me grow and helped me to get where I am today is the South African Championships of Performing Arts with Dr Ellen Roux. I wouldn’t have been here without her. The South African Championships allowed me to compete at the World championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles in July 2022. The competition made me improve not only my singing ability but also myself. It helped me grow into the person I am today. I felt highly inspired being amongst top performers from all over the world and made incredible friends.

Can you share with us the most memorable moment from your first appearance at the International Arts Talent Showcase in 2018 and how it impacted your passion for music? 

The most memorable moment I had with the South African Championships of Performing Arts was when I received three Gold Medals, which qualified me to compete at The World Championships of Performing Arts. I enjoyed every moment on stage and that was when I realized that art was my passion and that I want to pursue my dreams of becoming a professional singer, model, and act in big action movies.

You’ve expressed a desire to highlight interconnectedness and the power of love through your music. How does this idea shape the songs you create and influence your representation of yourself, your family, and your country?

Love is an international language and can be felt through all cultures around the world. It is something that can be understood by everyone and through love the world can also be connected in different ways. Love can bring people together and as I have grown up in a loving family, I would like to share that love and want others to experience the same love that I have, which I am grateful for.

Signing a contract with Upscale Productions in Hollywood was a significant milestone in your career. Could you share insights into your experience recording original songs in Los Angeles and collaborating with renowned industry professionals?

Signing a contract with Upscale Records in Los Angeles has been one of my biggest milestones in my career by far. Working with Manny Mijares has been the most incredible experience, not only because of his excellence in the music and filming industry but also because of his unwavering support and encouragement that he shows me daily. He’s not only developing my talent as a singer, but also developing me into a dynamic person to cope with the demanding industry. Manny has a special creative skill in writing music and guides me to be able to express myself in my songs. Recording my songs and music videos are always so much fun and memorable, I feel like I can do it every day of my life. It’s what makes me happy.

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