Ryan Gosling Pop Music "I am just a Ken"

Best New Pop Music Releases: Exciting Danceable Drops to Keep You Grooving

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Mid-July brings us those hot summer nights and a desire for some fantastic danceable tunes, and this week’s pop music offerings certainly delivered. From the return of a legend to a soul-stirring ballad and much more, there’s plenty to keep fans excited and grooving.

Let’s dive into the world of Best New Pop releases and discover the latest hits from some of our favorite artists.

NewJeans — “Cool With You”

After the success of their previous EP, NewJeans delights fans with “Super Shy,” featuring the captivating “Cool With You.” This dark and moody track revolves around the theme of seeking attention from a love interest. The music video for Side B added to the excitement, featuring two surprise stars that made waves online.

Britney Spears, Will.I.Am — “Mind Your Business”

Longtime collaborators Britney Spears and Will.I.Am reunite for “Mind Your Business.” Although Spears’ vocals were reportedly recorded some time ago, the duo decided to infuse it with a new production spin. Will.I.Am expressed his admiration for working with Britney, describing it as teaming up with a kindred spirit who shares their love for music and self-expression.

Ryan Gosling — “I’m Just Ken”

Ryan Gosling charms listeners with “I’m Just Ken,” a breakout musical number from the Barbie movie. Catchy and cheerful, the song showcases Gosling’s vocal talents and adds to the film’s appeal. Fans who have seen the movie will find themselves humming along to this catchy tune.

Zayn — “Love Like This”

Zayn invites fans into his new album cycle with the lead single “Love Like This.” Described by the artist as a “summer tune,” the track features a club-ready electronic instrumental, signaling a departure from his slower past songs. Zayn’s versatility as a vocalist shines through as he effortlessly takes on different energy levels in this song.

Stormzy, Raye — “The Weekend”

Raye continues to impress with her collaboration alongside Stormzy on “The Weekend.” The duo seamlessly switches turns on the same beat, showcasing their musical chemistry and delivering a captivating performance. Raye’s star continues to rise, and this collaboration only adds to her success.

NCT Dream — “ISTJ”

NCT Dream’s new album boasts the title track “ISTJ,” where the boys explore self-discovery and the journey of falling in love. Accompanied by a fast-paced video highlighting their impressive dance moves, the song is undeniably enjoyable.

Slayyyter — “Miss Belladonna”

Slayyyter presents “Miss Belladonna,” a synth dance anthem that sets the bar high for what fans are calling her best era yet. With clever lyrics and a catchy beat, this song is sure to have listeners dancing along.

Bruno Major — “The Show Must Go On”

From Bruno Major’s new album “Columbo,” “The Show Must Go On” stands out as a reflection on the anxieties of performing and hiding emotions. The heartfelt track captivates with its raw emotion and relatable theme.

Baby Queen — “We Can Be Anything”

We Can Be Anything” by Baby Queen recounts an in-the-moment party encounter, building tension and emotion as the song progresses. The dreamy chorus sees the artist reciting advice she received, perfectly tying back to the track’s title.

Becca Means — “My Darling”

Becca Means shares the influence of The Beatles and The Beach Boys on her music, reflecting their significance in her creative journey. “My Darling” was initially written as a classic love song but transformed into a breakup anthem due to personal experiences. The song’s depth and heartfelt lyrics make it a standout track.

With such a diverse and compelling collection of new pop music, fans have plenty to keep their playlists fresh and their spirits high. Be sure to check out these exciting releases and stay tuned for more updates in the world of pop music!