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Juelz Drops Debut Album “Floorspace” – A Sonic Masterpiece

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The highly-anticipated debut album of the rising music star, Juelz, is finally here. Titled ‘Floorspace,’ the album has been released under Sable Valley and consists of 15 melodically rich tracks. Showcasing the most comprehensive body of work from Juelz to this point, the album has been meticulously crafted throughout the first half of this year, with a steady growth in its tracklist.

The album’s significant compositions include the lead tracks “THE POWER!,” “Moondance,” “Freefall,” and “Surrender.” The assortment of these tracks makes “Floorspace” a cornerstone in Juelz’s music journey, embodying the harmonious elements that weave his artistic endeavor together.

The album serves as a platform for Juelz’s creative uniqueness and ardent passion, both of which radiate vibrantly across the entire album. The 15 tracks within “Floorspace” traverse a diverse range of electronic genres, including trap, drum ‘n’ bass, and bass house, among others. From the first track “Fingertips” to the closing piece “Surrender,” each composition stands as a testament to Juelz’s fresh and innovative talent that he brings to the dance music scene in 2023.

In addition to its online release, “Floorspace” will also be celebrated with a live performance. Scheduled for June 30, a headline show in collaboration with Brownies and Lemonade is set to take place at the renowned Los Angeles’ Telegram Ballroom.

Juelz, in a conversation with Dancing Around, delved into the concept behind his debut album and the journey towards its culmination. He describes “Floorspace” as his “maximalist magnum opus” and remarks on its significance both in terms of its sound and what it represents.

He describes “Floorspace” as a dance music-leaning project and a testament to the creative freedom he has enjoyed in crafting it. According to him, the tracks in the album are both directly and indirectly the products of that creative freedom.

About Juelz

Juelz, an emerging figure in the electronic music industry, is celebrated for his unique blend of genres and innovative sound. Known for infusing trap, drum ‘n’ bass, and bass house into a harmonious sonic experience, Juelz has rapidly ascended in his musical career, culminating in the release of his debut album, “Floorspace.” Over the past five years, he has developed and refined a unique sound that represents his artistic identity. With a career marked by outstanding performances and an unyielding passion for music, Juelz continues to reshape the dance music landscape in 2023.