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“Manifesto” – The New Musical Chapter by MRAK Unveiled

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MRAK, Tale Of Us’ quieter counterpart, breaks his two-year silence with the release of the captivating “Manifesto” EP. Unlike Anyma, MRAK’s releases are few and far between, but his knack for producing breathtaking music remains unmatched. Following his debut EP “One” in 2021, he has returned with “Manifesto“, a 2-track EP published under the prominent label, Afterlife.

Manifesto“, the EP’s eponymous track, and “Equilibrium” are artful compositions utilizing multiple keyboards and drum pads to seamlessly translate MRAK’s visions into reality. These pieces perfectly align with the aesthetics of his solo performances, “We Don’t Follow”, which he has been rolling out this year. The “Manifesto” EP skillfully merges MRAK’s affection for classical music and his respect for techno, reflecting his aspiration to become a pianist since he was 10. His passion for music has guided him to create captivating live dance music performances.

MRAK, not just a solo artist, has been thriving with Tale Of Us, continually pushing the limits of live electronic music with immersive audio-visual experiences. They stamped their global footprint at the illustrious Kappa Futur Festival in Torino, Italy on June 30th and their Afterlife event in Barcelona, Spain two weeks earlier. MRAK’s unique “We Don’t Follow” shows, launched at the end of 2022, are set to roll into their next chapter at the Roman Theatre of Orange, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1981, as part of an Afterlife event. Expect the “Manifesto” EP, along with all of MRAK’s unreleased works, to enchant audiences in this ancient setting and beyond.


Q1: When did MRAK release his debut EP?

A: MRAK released his debut EP titled “One” in 2021.

Q2: What is the inspiration behind MRAK’s fusion of classical music and techno in the “Manifesto” EP?

A: The inspiration behind MRAK’s fusion of classical music and techno in the “Manifesto” EP comes from his lifelong desire to be a pianist, beginning from the age of 10, and his deep admiration for techno music.

Q3: Where will MRAK’s next “We Don’t Follow” show take place?

A: MRAK’s next “We Don’t Follow” show will take place at the Roman Theatre of Orange as part of the Afterlife event. The Roman Theatre is an ancient site inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1981.

Artist Bio:

MRAK, one half of the dynamic duo, Tale Of Us, is known for his sparse but impactful releases. Debuting in 2021 with the EP “One”, MRAK’s music exhibits an exceptional fusion of classical music and techno. This synthesis stems from his lifelong desire to become a pianist and his deep admiration for techno. Besides his extraordinary solo career, he also creates magic with Tale Of Us, pushing the boundaries of live electronic music. His solo performances, under the banner “We Don’t Follow”, showcase a unique form of live dance music that captivates audiences worldwide.