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Curvy Queens Unite: Mi$$il Celebrates Self-love in ‘Pasado Pisado’

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Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be blown away by the hottest video clip of the summer. Brace yourselves for an explosion of beats, 60’s color schemes, and some sensual vibes, Mi$$il drops her bombshell “Pasado Pisado”. Originally from Paraguay, the young artist grew on a border city between Brazil & Argentina, immersed in a cultural micro verse.

The lyrics kick off by paying homage to curvy women everywhere, emphasizing the sensuality of self-appreciation. The recurring lines “I appreciate my past, but you’re already stepped on and forgotten” showcase Mi$$il’s unapologetic attitude as a boss Latina who doesn’t let her ex get under her skin. With meme worthy lines this track will soon be infectiously taking over TikTok, leaving no sassy influencer behind.

With a bold physique that could become the decade’s ultimate icon, Mi$$il backs up her persona with a sound that is a fresh fusion of genres like reggaeton, funky, and trap. With “Pasado Pisado,” she’s blazing a daring trail in the world of neo-reggaeton—a DIY sub-genre known for its inclusivity and independence. 

Brewed in collaboration with Royal Religion and directed by David Friedmann, the video is as scorching hot as the beaches of Tulum it was filmed on. A swinging sixties color scheme, and a spotlight on great shots of Mi$$il, her verses take you on a sultry journey through the aftermath of a heartbreak. With lines like “I’ve burned the flowers you gave me” and “you paid me back with betrayal, you’re a Judas,”.

For the genre as a whole, Mi$$il is making herself to be the symbol for self-affirmation in the industry. With a string of tracks soon to be released, shes making a spot for herself on the scene. “Pasado Pasido” extends a tempting invitation: leave the past in the past. If you didn’t savor it, you missed out on something extraordinary!