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Mauro Picotto Exploring the Beat of his Latest Album and Beyond

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In the throbbing heart of the EDM and techno universe, one name echoes with unyielding resonance – Mauro Picotto. The legendary Italian DJ sat down with the renowned dance music platform We Rave You for an immersive chat about his vibrant musical journey, current album, and future aspirations.

Emerging from the mystical sonic corridors of Ibiza, Picotto’s latest album has drawn raves from fans and critics alike. As if crafting a tribute to the island’s pulsating, nocturnal energy, the maestro infuses a distinct essence of Ibiza into his compositions. Each track, each note, conveys a tale soaked in its cultural richness and unforgettable parties.

Music to me is like a mirror that reflects my experiences, and Ibiza has been an integral part of that journey. This album is my tribute to this magical island.


Unveiling his ambitious plans for the future, Picotto conveyed an insatiable thirst for pushing the boundaries of techno and EDM music. His vision is to enrich the global dance music scene with his unique sound, drawing from the profound reservoirs of his experience and diverse musical influences. Check out his remarkable sound in his most popular tracks on Spotify.

“I have so much more to give. I want my music to continue to inspire, to set hearts on fire, and to make bodies move on the dance floor. This is my commitment to my fans and to music itself,” the techno maverick emphasized.

In the midst of an increasingly digitized world, the iconic artist maintains a strong bond with his followers across various platforms. You can catch up with his latest releases and updates on Spotify, or engage with his dynamic posts on Instagram, Twitter.

This captivating conversation with Mauro Picotto not only sheds light on his artistic evolution but also reaffirms his stature as a trendsetter in the world of dance music.

About Mauro Picotto

From his early beginnings in the Italian club scene to commanding global dance music stages, Mauro Picotto has carved an illustrious career spanning over three decades. Renowned for his groundbreaking techno anthems and memorable DJ sets, Picotto has firmly etched his name into the annals of electronic dance music history. His unique sound blends techno’s pulsating beats with trance’s hypnotic rhythms, captivating audiences worldwide. A prolific producer, his discography is as diverse as it is vast, featuring numerous albums and chart-topping singles. A visionary, a music maestro, and an ever-evolving artist, Picotto continues to inspire and influence the global dance music scene. Check out his journey in the music world here.