Picture of Jameella Jè "Ping Me For Location"

Exploring “Ping Me For Location” And Future Rap Ambitions With Jameella Jè 

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We had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing multi-talented artist, Jameella Jè’, about her release “Ping Me For Location.”  She discusses how the song signifies her progression in her career, including improvements in songwriting, vocals, and confidence. Her goal with this single is to gain recognition on a larger scale. 

Jamella also emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself and embracing uniqueness, offering advice to young fans who feel pressured to change to fit in. As a female artist, she has faced challenges such as constant comparisons and pressure to emulate other people’s style. The singer also expresses her interest in exploring rap more in the future and mentions collaborations with artists like Kwesi Arthur, Medikal, and Amaarae. 

Check out the full interview bellow.

What is the significance of “Ping Me For Location” in terms of your career progression, and what specific goals do you aim to accomplish through this single?

“Ping Me For Location” basically talks about elevation in all aspects of my artistry. From songwriting to my vocal progression to my confidence. With this new song I aim to gain recognition on a larger scale.

In a world where many people feel the need to downplay themselves to please others, we appreciate your commitment to staying true to who you are. This is a common challenge, especially among young fans who often feel compelled to change themselves to fit in. What advice would you offer them?

My advice would be that being your best self is your power. No two people are alike, not even twins. The more you embrace your own uniqueness, the more others will have no choice but to follow suit.

As a female artist, what challenges have you faced within the industry?

A challenge I have faced is constant comparisons to other female artists when I truly feel I’m in a lane of my own. There were times where people wanted to gradually mold me into emulating another female artist’s style. But I had to stand firm in myself and make them understand that I’m me.

What genres and styles are you interested in exploring in the future?

I would definitely like to explore more rap, because I actually rap alongside singing. I haven’t fully tapped into this side, aside from freestyles that I used to drop. But one day I’ll drop a full rap album.

Could you provide some examples of songs or artists you have collaborated with, including instances of ghostwriting and features?

I’ve collaborated with artists like Kwesi Arthur, Medikal, and have an unreleased song with Amaarae. These are just the few that I can mention right now.

Are there any upcoming live shows or performances you would like to inform your fans about, especially with summer festivals currently taking place?

The summer show details are still being worked on. But you will definitely see me on some stages near and far.

Can we expect any new singles or albums from you in the near future? Are you currently working on any projects?

Yes! I have an EP titled ‘Guda’ set to drop this summer along with new singles and videos.

Listen to “Ping Me For Location” below: