ARTBAT singer of Breathe In

ARTBAT and Another Life release “Breathe In” on UPPERGROUND

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The Ukrainian duo ARTBAT have teamed up with the mysterious project Another Life to create a stunning melodic techno track called “Breathe In“. The song was released on June 16, 2023, on their own label UPPERGROUND, which they launched in 2021 to showcase their unique sound and vision.

“Breathe In” is a captivating tune that combines the signature elements of ARTBAT and Another Life: driving beats, atmospheric synths, and haunting vocals. The track starts with a hypnotic intro that builds up the tension and anticipation. The vocals then enter, repeating the simple but powerful phrase “Breathe in, breathe out”. The song reaches its climax with a massive drop that unleashes a wave of energy and emotion. The track is a perfect example of how melodic techno can be both uplifting and deep at the same time.

The song also comes with an official video that matches the mood and vibe of the track. The video features a dancer who expresses her feelings through her movements in a dark and empty space. The video is a visual representation of the message of the song: to let go of your fears and worries and just breathe.

ARTBAT and Another Life are no strangers to collaborating with each other. They previously worked together on the track “Orbital“, which was released on Diynamic Music in 2021. The track was a huge success, reaching the top spot on Beatport’s Melodic House & Techno chart and receiving support from many DJs and fans around the world.

ARTBAT are one of the most prominent names in the melodic techno scene. They have been producing music since 2015 and have released tracks on labels such as Afterlife, Watergate, Systematic, and Fryhide. They have also performed at some of the biggest festivals and clubs in the world, such as Tomorrowland, Awakenings, Ushuaia, and Cercle.

Another Life are a mysterious project that emerged in 2020 with their debut single “It Feels Like“. Since then, they have released several tracks that showcase their distinctive style of melodic techno with emotive vocals and cinematic soundscapes. They have also collaborated with artists such as CamelPhat, Monolink, and Yotto.


ARTBAT are Artur and Batish, two Ukrainian producers who share a passion for melodic techno. They met in 2015 and decided to join forces to create music that would touch people’s hearts and souls. Their name is a combination of their initials and reflects their artistic vision.

ARTBAT‘s music is influenced by various genres and styles, such as progressive house, trance, electro, and ambient. They aim to create tracks that are both dancefloor-friendly and emotionally engaging. They use analog synthesizers, drum machines, and vocal samples to craft their sound.

ARTBAT have received recognition and support from some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Tale Of Us, Solomun, Adriatique, Maceo Plex, and Richie Hawtin. They have also won several awards, such as Best DJ Duo at DJ Awards 2020 and Best Track at IDMA 2020 for their remix of Monolink’s ‘Return To Oz‘.

ARTBAT are constantly evolving and experimenting with their sound. They are always looking for new ways to express themselves and connect with their audience. They believe that music is a universal language that can transcend boundaries and bring people together.