Nieve Ella

Nieve Ella Unveils New Single “His Sofa”

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Nieve Ella, the talented British singer-songwriter, has presented her latest song titled ‘His Sofa’ to the world. The track was launched on May 26, 2023, via AWAL Recordings. This single is the second release since her 2023 EP ‘Young & Naive’, which followed her successful track ‘Big House’. Moreover, ‘His Sofa’ was premiered during BBC Radio 1’s Future Artists with Jack Saunders, garnering its first share of airplay.

‘His Sofa’ was crafted in collaboration with Luke Grieve, Noah Terefe, and Finn William Marlow, while the production was executed by Iain Berryman. Discussing the single, Nieve Ella described it as a love song teeming with insecurities. She drew inspiration from her experiences navigating a new relationship, which led her to a vulnerable place. Nieve wanted to create a track that would resonate deeply with listeners, something they could belt out during solitary car rides, onstage, or within the comfort of their own rooms.

Further elaborating on the process of making ‘His Sofa’, Nieve Ella shared heartfelt sentiments on social media. She revealed how the songwriting process began in her room in Brighton the previous July, and she instantly knew that Noah Terefe and Luke Grieve would be the perfect partners to help her complete it. She expressed her admiration for her collaborator and best friend, Finn Marlow, as well as for Iain Berryman’s exceptional production skills. The addition of Luca’s “RIPPING” drums was lauded as mind-blowing, adding a layer of excitement to the project. Through her dedication and collaborative efforts, Nieve Ella has created a track that exudes both vulnerability and strength.