Alice Auer Explores Love, Grief, and Emotion in Sophomore EP “Baby, Cry”

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London-based singer-songwriter Alice Auer released her highly-anticipated sophomore EP, “Baby, Cry”, on May 26, 2023. This is her first body of work since her debut EP “Daydreaming” released in 2022. The four-track EP is an intimate reflection of Auer’s personal experiences, touching on themes such as love, loss, grief, and the complexities of emotions. The project also features London-based producer Conor Albert.

Auer’s second EP stands as an emotional journey, drawing on deeply personal experiences. As the title suggests, the project delves into a narrative of vulnerability, emotional exploration, and raw authenticity. “Writing and creating this EP was an incredibly vulnerable experience. ‘Baby, Cry’ EP explores love, grief, emotion and so much more, each song stems from really personal experiences,” shared Alice.

The EP starts with “Greek Street”, a track that carries an emotional undertone about a lost relationship. Inspired by a first date with her boyfriend, the song takes listeners through a yearning for past love. Following this is “Unknown”, a track about the complexities of unrequited feelings and heartbreak. It transitions to “Baby, Cry”, a song for Auer’s father and an ode to those struggling to express their emotions. The EP closes with “I Feel Sad”, a sincere and simple track expressing the grief Auer felt after losing a close relative.

The transparency in Auer’s songwriting forms the heart of “Baby, Cry”. Alice Auer, with her stunning sophomore EP, successfully invites her listeners into her world, filled with raw emotions and personal stories. Her ability to translate these experiences into beautiful compositions is truly exceptional. As she continues her musical journey, there’s no doubt that we’ll be hearing more from this incredibly talented artist.